Just a quick update

Last time I posted I was very frustrated with YouTube and Adsense. Since that post I have been able to get monetized and it was a big relief. Basically since I had not reached the payment threshold of 100 before they cut me off ,, I thought I was just done. Without hitting my first 100 bucks, I was not going to get that all important pin number to verify my account, and so I could not monetize my account let alone get rid of that accidental second account that was never completely set up. It took a month, not sure what happened, but I actually got a pin number. Maybe since they cut me me off before I reached the threshold they knew I could not reach it and sent the pin. Maybe it would have taken a month even if I had reached the threshold. Not really sure. I just know, it was an amazing surprise when I got it in the mail and was able to fix this month long stressor in about ten minutes.

So, I am officially monetized now on my YouTube channel, so that is very exciting. We are talking up to a buck a day on a good day, so not a lot of money, but at least I am able to make that little bit and build on it.

Right now I am trying to figure out what direction I want to take my channel. Right now, I am getting very few views on my videos despite them being several different kinds of content, beaded bracelets, some vintage photos , and then a paper project. After four years, I honestly thought I would see more views so I am still trying to figure out exactly what I am doing wrong and how to fix it. I want to create videos that people enjoy and actually want to watch.

I have my dedicated subscribers that always watch my videos and comment and I treasure them. I want to be able to attract new viewers as well and build my channel up a lot this year.

So, I am really doing a lot of both soul searching and research to figure out what I can do to build my channel. I will be hitting four years on YouTube on May 27 2022.

I have been working on my resell room and we should be done with that soon . I have my reselling business on hold right now. I will open up all my selling platforms as soon as the room is done. Our oldest daughter is going to join me and work for me and once she learns the business she will become a partner and we will work together. She will also do some videos with me as well. I am very excited about that !!!

My studio will stay as is for another year, we had talked about a redo, but with a kitchen reno that has to be finished and a huge purging going to start soon in our out buildings, the studio will have to wait for now. Just getting all the stuff out of here that needs to be listed will help a lot. I have piles of jewelry all over the room right now so that makes a big mess. Just having that out of here will make it back into a creative space and that will be wonderful !!!

I do want to create more and just have fun. So, I think for now, I will just create and enjoy the process and post videos of what I do and not worry about it for now. But, in the back of my mind I will still be trying to figure out what I need to to do to progress the channel.

I am also going to do better at posting my videos here and showing what I am making on this blog with pictures of the steps.

Spring is almost here and I am so excited to enjoy all the beauty it brings. I am looking to be inspired and just enjoy the new season of growth and creativity.

to follow me on YouTube, Instagram, tikTok and my shops when they reopen, here is my link tree with all my links in it


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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