Seed bead jewelry

I love making beaded jewelry from seed beads and have done that longer than the traditional jewelry. Here are a few of my pieces .

Twenty odd years ago my husband actually made these first two necklaces but I helped out and made the earrings. Sometimes he made the first and then I did the second, but they are so pretty I want to show them off even though I cannot take credit for them !!

this next set I designed and made by myself  only one earring is left after all these years !!

I still love the brown and red and they still look great. I believe he made this chocker and I know I made the earrings !!

The second and third pictures taken on a wooden surface are older and not as detailed I will try to retake them soon.

this is a hand beaded necklace, I did not use a loom, again, I will take better pictures of it later !!

some seed pins I made years ago

6 thoughts on “Seed bead jewelry

  1. Oh, man, I love the ones that are turquoise and cream. And what a hoot – I’ve made those Santa earrings, too. It is WONDERFUL to find this blog – which I only found because you found me. I’M SIGNING UP, GIRLFRIEND. Bead on!

    And wait- you have a husband that beads??? I am so jealous! Dream of my life is to do my crafts with my husband, too.


    1. Funny thing is, he is the one that got me into beading. I was doing craft type beading , do you remember those tri bead pins ? We went to Micheals to get me some more of my plastic tri beads and he saw a book on seed bead fringed earrings, and that was it, he taught me and now he has not done much in a while, but he was with me every time but the first time at the bead market and always helps me pick out new beads. I am trying to get him to do more with me too, I want him to teach me copper foil and stain glass, he has all those great scraps, lol !! I know we c ould make some cool stuff together, so I am hoping, I would love to do some stuff with him, so I totally understand , it was when our kids were tiny, a million years ago he and I made earrings together. well, he would make the first one and then ask me to make the second, lol, he loved designing, but not making the match !!
      I am so glad I found you, it will be so fun seeing what each other comes up with !! So glad you came by here too !!!


    1. You made me laugh !! I am 55 but I will be honest, I do not enjoy threading those needles, I swear the holes are getting smaller as I get older !!! I love working with those tiny beads so much, and luckily I can see things up close, not far away and wear glasses for that , so seeing things up close is easy, if it were the opposite, I would be in big trouble !!
      Thanks so much for the kind words, it means a lot to me, I love working with the seed beads so much !!!

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  2. I love the turquoise and white/cream earrings. I really like big, dangly, earrings that have lots of beads on them. ( sorry can’t really describe the style, maybe they would be called ethnic earrings?)

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