YouTube and Adsense frustrations

I am so frustrated right now with my Youtube channel. I have worked so hard to finally get monetized and it is looking like I never will due to a stupid mistake I made by accidently setting up a duplicate adsense account. Because of that, I cannot monetize but despite trying everything, I cannot cancel one of them so I can use the other one.

It is pretty devestating to work for almost four years to reach a goal you set for yourself to have it yanked out of your hands.

Lets be clear, we are talking maybe a buck a day right now. But I had hopes over time I could grow it and even 30 bucks a month is a bit of money for my work, better than nothing. The point is, it would have grown over time.

I have one final message in to Google, we will see if it will help. I have tried every single thing I can, more than once , and watched YouTube videos which only gave me outdated information and did not help me at all. Because neither account is completely set up, I cannot chat with YouTube or Adsense and could only send a trouble shoot letter which most likely, based on what others are saying, will be of no help at all.

So , it looks like no matter what I do, because of a glitch I cannot monetize my channel.

It leaves me in a weird place. Do I walk away and not do any more videos ? Do I grow the channel anyway and just know I will never make a dime for all my hard work ? It is so absolutely stupid that I cannot get help at all, there is NONE for adsense. We called Google and that is what they told us. Use the link. The link does NOTHING. Between my husband and myself we have spent at least ten hours on this issue.

To say I am angry is an understatement. To say I am very discouraged and upset, also an understatement. I am absolutely devestated that after almost four years of work, I cannot receive what I worked so hard to get.

I have reached out to two different big YouTube creators who were very kind, but had no idea how to fix this.

So, still waiting to hear back, not really sure if I will. I have to figure out what I want to do going forward because it is so much work to make each video, hours of time invested to not be able to make any money at all. For one tutorial video a week it would be at least five hours of time to set up the project , record the video , upload the video to the computer, then upload to the editing program ,edit it, which is the length of the video plus editing time. Reupload to the computer to the new file edited , and then upload to YouTube and do what I need to do there. A description, thumbail and so on. So, just one video a week is minumum 20 hours a month. That is time I could list products, make art for myself. Do my housework, and so on.

I do not want to walk away after so much work, but I worked to get to the point I could make money. If I cannot make money, what is the point ? I cannot start over with a new YouTube account in my name because they have all my info .

The only way to start over is for my husband to start an account. So, not sure what I will do.

I thought I would not walk away from my channel, but I might. The channel will stay up, but I may not be adding any more content. I hate to let people down who supported me, but I just do not think I have it in me to continue if I can never do anything with my channel. I am sure if we start another channel in my husbands name with his email, I can get my people over there. But it would be all new . If I wanted to take any of my videos over, I would have to remove them from the current channel, or edit them to change the titles or something to move them to another channel and still keep them on the old one with the old names .

I will have to see what my husband says , although I have no doubt in my mind he will be fine with it, and we will go from there. But if I cannot get any help on my current channel , that might be the only solution if I want to continue to make videos so I can eventually make money on YouTube.

I will be posting a video on my channel tonight talking about this and seeing what people have to say and if they will follow me to a new channel.

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