What have I been up to lately ?

I did not realize I had not posted since July. I am going to work harder to post on a regular basis. I have always enjoyed my blog and it is weird I have not been writing much lately.

I have been working on figuring out the reseller thing. Working to amp it up to do it full time. However I want to be more creative, as well as do videos for my channel. Trying to figure out how to balance all of that and still spend time with my hubby, take care of our house, cook, laundry and all that. He helps when he can but has a full time job so I hate to ask much of him, even on his days off, but he is wonderful and supportive of what I am trying to do. Right now he is home recovering from knee surgery so we are enjoying the time together and still trying to be productive.

We are planning on him retiring next year and joining me doing the resale thing and doing videos and just enjoying life and making our own way. He has to wait until his back surgeon cuts him loose, he is healing well but will not leave his job until he knows he is fine. New insurance we get on our own, might not cover that surgeon, so , if he has to work a while longer, no problem. That is what will find out in six months when he goes in for his next follow up. We are being very careful to do this right.

The one on the right I did, the one on the left is a vintage piece, I did a video on this project as well as the candy corn below

I did do this candy corn ornament on my channel recently and continue to do jewelry and other fun hauls. However , creating is what I want to really work on the most. I am happiest when I am making things. I am a maker above all, along with a writer, and photographer, those are the things I love most and would like more of that to be part of my channel and this blog.

My youtube channel is Stephies Beads Baubles and Treasures, but you can see all my sites if you go to my link tree which has links to everything I do online.


I have been doing jewelry hauls, this jar is a video that is coming up in a few weeks, I also do the goodwill and some estate sale and other hauls as well.

I shared a big sale going on in my Etsy shop. Still have not decided what I am going to do with Etsy, sell or close. But it will not be until the last listing expires in January.

link to everything I do is below . My YouTube channel is Stephies Beads Baubles and Treasures


Not sure if the link will work, but you can type that in to take you to all my links. Where I do videos, write, sell and share pictures.

I will be back soon with more updates and things I am up to. I just wanted to touch base !!

Thanks for stopping by !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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