Updates, what am I up to lately ? My new resale room !

I have been up to my eyeballs in jewelry lately. I have been buying big lots of jewelry from several places and been doing videos showing what I bought. I am having so much fun !!! I love jewelry and playing with it, and selling it.

I never meant my YouTube channel to just be haul type videos so my goal is to start uploading some projects. Next month is Christmas in July so I have got to pick four ornaments to do , one per week. I would like to get back to at least two videos a week. One , my jewelry hauls, and one that is a creative video.

Our son moved out after achieving all his goals ,giving us a living room and a bedroom to spare. We use the family room in the back of the house, which happens to be right off of our master bedroom. The front living room has been used by our kids living with us since day one. It has only been a pretty room we never used for a few of the19 years we have owned this house.

I decided, with my husbands complete support, to make the bedroom into a resale room. I have so many things to resell. Stuff we have bought over the years that needs to get listed and now all the jewelry. I need a seperate room to make sure I can have all the space I need to do my business. A photography zone, a packing zone, a listing zone. A zone for storing all my shipping materials as well as the items to be listed, and the items that are listed.

I should be able to get this new room up and going in the next couple of weeks. I am listing for now as I have been, using my studio.

I have so much jewelry, I am excited to get the room set up and then go through all the jewelry. Figure out what will be sold separately, what will be sold in junk or craft lots and what will be sold in wearable lots. We also have boxes and boxes of glass ware and all kinds of misc stuff to list. I am not sure the room will actually fit it all, but I will do my best !! Some items will end up in boxes for a future yard sale.

Etsy will be my crafting supplies, sewing notions, fabric, lace, and ribbon, some vintage items, my handmade jewelry

Ebay will be the more interesting and unique items, the more expensive items, jewelry, clothes, maybe shoes, and glassware and collectables, misc stuff as well

Mercari will be for my less expensive jewelry, and some kids clothes , possibly my old clothes as well as they get too big.

I am having so much fun buying the jewelry and I will do better at sharing some of it here !!

Here is todays video

For now, I am buying, selling, and working on getting my resale room done. I will be sure to do a post on that as well.

I also had my husband remove the studio door as it was not sealed good and I wanted the wall space. This is before, I had emptied that big shelf, which will go over the area where the door was when we are completely done. It is reloaded for now.

after, still need a sheet of paneling, where the white ends, is where the paneling needs to go. that is the paneling over the ship lap that is orginal to this almost 100 year old house.

we will add the paneling, paint it white and then the big gray shelf will go over that area. The paneling on the rest of the room has a textured wall paper on it, painted over at least three times that I am aware of. We cannot match it so we will move the shelf to cover it. Someday we will dry wall the room, but that is way down on our priority to do list !!

Thanks for stopping by. I will do updated studio and resale room pictures and posts as we get them done.


6 responses to “Updates, what am I up to lately ? My new resale room !”

  1. Your plans for the new rooms sound great!! I wish you the best of luck the upcoming weeks to get settled and get your things organised ^_^

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  2. mdavis777967649 Avatar

    Gollys it been a long time since
    we’ve talked
    Miss doing your Ornaments (sequins) I’m still doing mine


    1. Wow , so nice to hear from you ! I was just talking to my husband tonight about the fact I want to do four Christmas ornaments, one per week in July for Christmas in July. And from July through the end of the year I try to do a couple a month , so yes I am planning on getting back to that as well as doing the jewelry videos !


  3. Busy busy girl. Do you want a box of mostly bugle beads?


    1. That would be wonderful ! Thank you so much !
      I am planning on reworking the drawing I did for that first barrette because it needs to be a little bit narrower ! We want it to fit on the barrette a little bit better than the one I did .
      I’m so excited to get that started in the next couple weeks . I’m still trying to get that resell room together but regardless of whether that’s done or not I’m going to start on that barrette as I am excited to make it and do not want to put it off much longer! I absolutely love doing that kind of work so I was excited when you wanted to do the barrettes with all the wonderful beads you sent me ! I plan to do a video on it so you can see how I make it as well and I think other people would enjoy that, I make them without a loom so somebody might want to try that! The looms really intimidated me so I found doing it by hand was much easier!


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