Goodwill blue boxes are my new addiction !!

I did not mean to be gone this long, life just kind of got in the way. Most people know that Texas had a couple of rough weeks in Feb. We were very lucky to not lose our power or water, but it was still a very distracting week and we were focused on family and everyone being okay. It was an interesting experience to see snow for so long. In North Texas, it may snow, but can often melt the same day, and usually the next day. We were ready for it to go away !!! Never thought I would say that about snow !! I know snow is normal for many of you, but we were obviously not prepared. I was personally prepared, but not everyone was.

Since my last post, I have been having a lot of fun buying bulk jewelry online and opened a shop at Mercari. I have been listing and doing videos on my channel about these fun five pound hauls. here is the link to my most recent video. I post these every wednesday.

I found Mercari through a friend and absolutely love it. Both for buying, and selling. I have around 30 something listings, but that will be going up pretty fast. I am going to make sure to list at least 20 to 30 items from each box per week, plus I have a priority bag of jewelry to list through the month on top of that.

I will still be posting on Etsy and Ebay, but right now, I am really enjoying Mercari. I have purchased several amazing things from sellers there and have already made a few sales. Here is one of my mystery boxes. I did a video on this one.

I got my twiter account back up. I opened my Instagram back up and working to get better with social media.. I found Link Tree to put all my social media in one link, I am pretty excited about that. Here is the link, but it will be on the side of the front page as well.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi, and let you know I will be working hard to do a blog post for each video and be working to share more on my instagram and twitter as well.

Off to make a new video for the week, a fun bag of goodies from a friend, video and blog post to follow !!

Thanks for being so patient while I get myself situated !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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