Hobby Lobby Haul, clearance and sale items

I posted this video on Youtube showing all the goodies I found at Hobby Lobby last week !!

I thought I could share some pictures of the goodies I got here !!

fun bag of wooden acorns, want to make them into either pendants or beads with my hubby and his drill presses help !! LOVE these !! Got 40 percent off these cute acorns, were 3.99, but I paid 2.39 .

A really fun Christmas pendant. I will replace the plastic beads on the bottom with glass beads. I can add a jump ring on top with another charm or beaded charm and add a chain. This is a forty percent off holiday item, was 5.99 but I paid 3.59 .

next piece is a pretty southwestern style pendant. Looks like turquoise but is not. 99 cents marked down from 3.99

a pretty pendant. Want to see if I can separate them, worse case, top part will not have a bottom ring if it is too brittle to open. I love the Christmas colors on the bottom part and want to use it for a Christmas project. 2024 marked down from 8.99

Really beautiful lucite leaf pendants. So many shimmery colors. 1.49 marked down from 5.99

Absolutely gorgeous chain for a steam punk project. Extremely nice quality. Was originally 15, got it for under four bucks !!

What I found most interesting about this piece is, not only is it jump ringed together to make it into three pendants, but the edge is beads that I can easily change !!! I would imagine one with black edging and one with a moonstone edging would be really fun !! 2.49 marked down from 9.99.

I picked up two of these at 1.74 each, marked down from 6.99 , wanted a pair of each charm. Really fun and pretty, nice quality !!

mermaid rhinestones. I thought they were beads but discovered they were rhinestones when I did the video but was not disappointed in the least !! 50 percent off, normally 4.99 , I paid 2.50

got a bunch of half price findings as well. Normally 3.9 but paid 1.99. Ear wires in silver, some jump rings in silver and some antique brass and copper lobster claws and then some fancy beading needles on clearance. The beading needs were marked down from 14.99 to 3.74 for only four beading needles. Cannot wait to see what makes them so expensive !! Normally pay around six bucks for around 20 beading needles.

Anyway, fun trip, lots of great deals and I hope you enjoyed the video and the blog post !

Thanks so much for stopping by !!

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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