What I have been up to lately

I have not meant to be away from this blog for so long. I was shocked to see how long it had been. I have been pretty busy and now it is time to catch up and start posting on this blog again.

This past week I had the honor of being promoted by a YouTube creator I really admire and whose channel I have watched since she started a year or so ago.

She offered her viewers who had shops to participate in a giveaway through her channel.

Her channel name is SueMe and if you have not heard of her, please check her out. Her channel is very interesting. She is a retired teacher and she knows so many interesting things. She shows how to do things, and teaches you techniques and how to repair things you did not know could be repaired.

She was gracious enough to do an entire video showcasing my work. I was so honored. She even purchased one of my items from my shop, ordered another, and sent others my way. It has been one of the most exciting weeks I have had in a very long time. I have met so many lovely people .

Anyway, what a week. My giveaway is tomorrow morning and I am excited to finally be finding out who will win. Will it be someone I know, or someone new. My last giveaway was a brand new subscriber. She was so excited and is of course entering this giveaway as well !!

This is the prize for the giveaway, one of my Christmas tree ornaments

I have been creating again. I will share some pictures here.

the first two are my first new steampunk pieces in a very long time. I used to do a good amount and then over time just fell away from all jewelry for a while and when I came back, I just never did anymore steam punk.

Sue actually purchased the bottom one. Her excitement over the piece meant the absolute world to me. I was so thrilled. The top one is still for sale in my Etsy shop. I know it will find a home with someone who will enjoy it !!

The next piece is a lobster ornament our oldest daughter asked me to make for her to give her husband. They watched a lot of the show Friends when their first child together was a baby and the joke about being each others lobster is a private joke of theirs now. I guess not so private now though, lol !! I am going to make her a second one for herself. That way they have a pair.

Unlike my usual pieces, I drew this one. I started with a basic shape I traced from online and then changed pretty much everything to make it mine. I really like how it came out !!

A fun piece I found in my things. I had it listed a long time ago. All glass and crystal. Plan to list it again. Love the rich red color of the heart bead and the other beads in the dangle. Unfortunately red does not photograph well. Frustrates me every time !!

I added this cute tree to my Etsy shop. Made on demand. I know a lot of people do blue and white trees. I may add more colors at some point, but for now, traditional green with traditional colored “ornaments”a and blue and white one .

Another old passion of mine is seed bead jewelry. I made these a few years ago along with some Southwestern style earrings and just got an order for a pair of the more traditional colors, turquoise, black , and cream. I will show them here in a new blog post when they are done !!!

I have one very special piece I cannot wait to share with you. But it is on its way to a special person. Once she gets it, and lets me know, i will share it with you here. I have been working on it for a while, a couple of years. Mostly design and getting materials together. I cannot wait to hear she got it !! She knows something special is heading her way, I wanted to give her a heads up !! She has no idea what it is though !!!

So, more vlog posts, more listings, more handmade things and now more blog posts as well.

Happy to be back, never meant to be away so long !!

I will be back soon !! Thanks for stopping by !!!


2 responses to “What I have been up to lately”

  1. Glad you doing ok my friend.i sure miss your videos and sequins and beads I’m still watching the old ones and still marking beautiful cute ornaments thanks to you. Will talk soon Marie

    On Sun, Aug 9, 2020, 12:05 AM STEPHIE’S BEADS AND BAUBLES wrote:

    > stephiesbeadsandbaubles posted: ” I have not meant to be away from this > blog for so long. I was shocked to see how long it had been. I have been > pretty busy and now it is time to catch up and start posting on this blog > again. This past week I had the honor of being promoted by a YouT” >


    1. I am making videos again and have several planned for the next few weeks !! Happy to hear you are making ornaments!! 😁


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