YouTube 1000 subscriber giveaway and channel updates

I am excited to finally be at a 1006 subscribers. I took a week or so off, put my videos on private while I went through them and decided which to keep on my channel and which to move. I decided to keep all tutorials and just a few , three or so I believe, haul type videos on the channel. The rest of the haul videos will be moved to a channel I use just for that purpose. I want to keep my tutorial channel for just that. Creative content only. I will put any hauls that are directly connected to the channel. Vintage ornaments, sequins, seed beads and felt. Or any other supplies used to make my ornaments. Jewelry hauls, and other hauls will be moved to another channel soon. New hauls will be shared on that channel.

So, giveaway rules. All apply

must be a subscriber to Stephies Beads, Baubles , and Treasures.

Must like the video

Must comment on the video.

I will really try to figure out how to count shares and if I can see you shared it, I will give you an additional entry. Any advice more than welcome !!

Here are the prizes

You get to pick one of the following ornaments I made

If you choose you can pick ONE of these ornaments if you win.

Second choice is a ten small bag selection of the following sequins. I only bagged three because I have an open bulk bag of each, along with the unopened one. So, if the winner chooses the sequins instead of one of the ornaments , I will fill seven more bags with the other seven colors .

I figured since it is a tutorial channel, someone might love to get some sequins to make their own projects instead of getting one of mine !!

Here are all the colors
the three bags I got done, and where I bought all the sequins.
the filled three bags with the other empty seven bags
close up of the bag of flower sequins in the lot.
to show the size of each bag.

I also shared some sequins I just got in from Cartwrights this week

I think I forgot a couple in this picture but I t hink they are above

I am not affiliated with Cartwrights, I do not give you a direct link or tell you to tell them I sent you. I only show their stuff because I absolutely love what they sell. For most of the years I created with sequins, I had very few options. When I found them years ago, they opened up my world of color and choices.

I do buy other places of course,but they are absolutely the best selection and quality I have found. ANYWHERE. I do buy and sell vintage sequins, and love working with them as well. But Cartwrights is my favorite place and I probably spend between one and two hundred a year although I have so many now, I really only pick up the new collections or a few random sizes or colors I have not gotten in the past!

Last thing in the video is the sneak peak of my Fathers Day Projects.

I bought this set on Amazon and it came with several more “tool” cookie cutters !!! Perfect for Fathers Day or to make a Christmas ornament for a man !!!

I will be back with one of those two projects in the next few days.

Thanks for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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