Etsy Listings for May 29 2020

I am doing things a bit differently today. I have got my video up, and will put a link below, but have not listed yet. I have had a few times when something sold before I got the video up so I decided to wait and do the video, and blog first so people could check the items out, and then I will start listing and then post each one to Instagram as I get it listed. I am hoping it helps.

I picked some extra special stuff for today. Really pretty things.

We will start with this lovely wire bracelet. Excellent quality and the stone is so pretty. Unfortunately it looks like a black stone, but if you get it in the light right, it has the prettiest pattern in it.

the only good shot I could get of the actual pattern in the stone. Really pretty but very hard to see.

The next piece is a pretty cross, sterling silver with a nice blue stone in it.

Next is a gorgeous vintage piece, silver marked 835 which might indicate a piece of European silver. But from what I read, it is silver. Very small and very pretty set of attached vintage pins.

Next up is a lovely sterling brooch of a leaf and flower. Most likely vintage but cannot be sure. None of the silver is polished, I leave that up to the buyer. Do not want to remove patina someone might want.

Next is a gorgeous Native American or south west style watch band. I included the watch unless buyer wants it removed. Not sure if it works.

Next is a really pretty stone pendant. Looks like turquoise but most likely a dyed stone to look like turquoise. It is just too big a stone to be in a lightweight setting . It would be a very expensive stone if real. I did try a bead reamer and ground the back edge and did not get white, so not sure what exactly is going on with it. Just a nice quality stone and very pretty focal piece for any piece of jewelry.

Next is a very pretty micro mosaic set. Bright red enamel and shell mosaic with metal inlays so it has a lovely sparkle to it. It is labeled on the back alpaca silver which is a mix of copper , zinc and nickle which resembles silver but is easier to care for and much cheaper. Safe to wear unless you have a extreme unusual allergy to metal.

Last but not least is a big lot of ball chains. They weigh in at around 12.1 to 12.3 ounces. Got both those weights when I measured them on my scale. gold, silver, brass and copper, all different sizes from very tiny to very big. A wonderful selection for a jewelry artist.

So, that is todays listings. As soon as I post this blog post I will start listing and each one will get posted to my instagram as I post it.

2 responses to “Etsy Listings for May 29 2020”

  1. Ami Lint Trapaso Avatar
    Ami Lint Trapaso

    I have found your website and love it I am a Sue Me subscriber and found your site through her give away. I hope you get a lot more traffic your site is awesome! …Amazing Ami


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