What I listed on Ebay and Etsy today May 27, 2020

I just got my entire post deleted, I am so over annoyed with WordPress tonight. They changed the program on me and it is completely different than what I have used the past 11 years !!

So, here are my  listings for today. Tomorrow I will be doing way less as this was too much for one day !! I also want to get a tutorial in this week,so either tomorrow or Friday , no listings so I can do a tutorial finally !!

I did a short YouTube video showing each of these items,  here is the link

here are my Etsy listings for today !!!

ephemera, 20 playing cards, 2 each of ten, mostly butterflies with some owls

a big variety of cards, two each of 20 for a total of 40 cards.

A really cute collie figurine, vintage

another shot of the collie

an absolutely gorgeous pendant and it is long, gold and rhinestone with a beautiful gold chain fringe at the bottom.

a very cute reindeer figurine, looks vintage

another shot of the deer , so cute !!

some waxed cord for jewelry and crafts

Okay, on to my Ebay shop which is the estate stuff

a lot of rhinestone stuff, a gorgeous mint Weiss piece, but missing the clasp. I put it with some junk jewelry for people to use for crafting.

really gorgeous sun and moon with gold accents, such a pretty piece

a vintage school bell, brass and wood. Top ball is also brass.

Beautiful vintage flower basket brooch

really pretty rhinestone pieces, all stones clear and all pieces in great shape.

a lovely leaf and branch brooch and earring set. A light muted gold. Really pretty .

Well, thats it for today.

here is everything, which will be the featured image for the post as well.

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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