What I listed today on Ebay. May 25 2020

I am sharing with you what I got listed today. I have to get my listing time down as I am a huge perfectionist with the photography. I am going to work on that the next few days and see if I can get it done a bit quicker.

Here is the link to my YouTube video showing the things I listed today !! 


Two things have sold, well, no payment yet, so until I get paid they are off the site, but not actually sold yet.

The bees are from yesterday and the leaves are from today.

no, one more thing just sold, Thanks Bev, the little lady bug pins I just listed today !!

Okay, so here are the other things I listed today.

A really pretty rhinestone bracelet, Stones are clear and pretty, just could not get it photographed well. I had this soft fuzzy fabric mixed in with felt and other stuff so please ignore the dark fibers in some of the pictures, they are not anything but dark fuzz fibers that blown up look like hairs or pet hair.

A gorgeous vintage filigree brooch , kind of leaves, but kind of not

a cute cat pin with mom engraved on it, gold tone and very shiny

a huge red rhinestone rose ring, completely ginormous but fun !!

a very cute Trifari Scotty dog pin, looks like new, I could not believe it.

Some cute red hat pins , one stone missing on the front one, up at the top center.

I had planned on more pictures but the site decided today was the day I had to switch over to the new format , completely different from what I have been using here for 11 years. So, I did not get as many pictures up. Next time I will know what I am doing !!!

So, this is todays lot, more tomorrow. Need to start listing stuff on my Etsy as well, got lots of fun supplies and jewelry for there as well.

Will be doing tutorials soon, give me this week to get caught up and used to my new format of filming and writing and I will be able to start sharing those both here and short videos as well !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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