Not much has changed in a few months.

I am still in a mess in my studio even after all these months.  You would think with being stuck at home for weeks I would have gotten in here and knocked it out. However I found myself in a kind of funk . Like everyone else, my life was on  hold. Everything we loved to do just disappeared . We loved to go to yard sales, estate sales, flea markets, thrift shops and antique shops and of course, they all just closed up and that outlet was gone. No more Chinese buffet, all of it just gone. I also went from a full time babysitter for our daughter to her being home full time right before this all happened. Life just turned upside down. I know this is everyone , not just me. But we can only react to our own situation. I have not been proud of how I handled it. Instead of listing things on my Etsy site, doing blog posts and videos, I just shut down..I ended up just watching a lot of YouTube and workng on my house.

Well, I am finally getting my happy self into my studio and working again. I need to start doing creative work on my channel, not just sharing stuff I bought. So, I will share some pictures of the studio, and where I am now.


My work table has projects, materials for projects, and things I want to list on it !!!


some new buttons I just bought !!


getting together projects for some videos.

an overview of the entire table


some areas are fine, but then next to them are messes !! I absolutely love these shelves, but the lamps and other stuff in front of them is frustrating !!

I had the entire top of this shelf decorated and the rest will probably have to come down as well. Too much storage space wasted, but then , where do I put the stuff when I take it down ? I am so blessed but I need to really get listing to move out the stuff I do not need or want.

We are thinking of removing that door. I do not really need it, the room next door is the living room with a door to the porch. I am not sure w hat we will do, but  nothing will happen anytime soon !!! I do love it and the light really does help !!









The blue box is empty and the stuff from my first paper craft haul video are in the bottom one with the red lid. Some of the stuff I plan to work on today.



so many cigar boxes . I want to come up with some fun crafts, and I have a few ideas. Maybe coming soon to my channel !!

the pile below with the way too small shipping box is for my friend Vee from Vee Wills Design. It is a bunch of goodies she bought from a friend of mine and I have to ship out to her. Bought them right before our big stay home thing and now I feel I can go ship it safely.



All in all, what a wonderful “problem” to have. I am very blessed and grateful to have this amazing room and so many lovely things to work with !!

I do however, want to get it cleaned up. I am not actually one of those creative people who work best in messes !! I like to be organized !!

So, I hope to bring you an update soon with a much more organized room !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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