Organizing my studio

I have been working on my studio for many months now trying to get it organized. I have bought a lot of stuff in the last few months, big lots of jewelry, big lots of cookie cutters, and other interesting and fun things to resell but it’s time now to get that stuff into that room in an organizeded fashion. I am finally making progress ! I have been babysitting full-time for two years, and I have loved every minute. The problem is though my business ,channel,and blog have suffered ! We had some other things come up as well that further complicated things but now today is my last day babysitting, as much as I will miss having my beautiful granddaughter here every day I’m really excited to get up Monday morning and have a whole week to work in my studio. I’ve literally got stuff stacked down my hallway that I’ve got to get into that room and there’s stuff in my husband‘s studio that I need to sell that’s also in boxes. I don’t see anyway to get all that into my studio so I’ll have to do my best and the rest will have to get packed up and put away in a safe place until I can get to it. When our son moves out later this year, at least that’s what he’s hoping I can use his bedroom as my eBay/Etsy room !

One side of my studio
Opposite side facing side in above picture
Side facing window and desk , no picture of that yet

So I still have a long way to go and I will show you the other shelf next to this shelf in the picture above , and the desk area with the filing cabinet next to it when I do a little more work! Just wanted to catch up on what I’m been up to. I just posted a video on my channel yesterday and I hope to get a few more done I have so many more beautiful jewelry lots to share and some glass and other interesting things as well!

I also want to start making some tutorials again as well !

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  1. Very exciting times! Blessings.


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