Wonderful Jewelry haul, flea market finds, first of four different haul videos

I had some trouble with my key board so if there are any odd spaces, the space bar was working on and off and I had to fight it. Not sure why it does this from time to time  !!!

I divided my flea market finds into four videos,


Craft supplies,

cookie cutters,

and all the other stuff. Glassware, books, etc.

here is the link to that jewelry video,


This blog post is about the jewelry and since my lighting has been so bad, wanted to share pictures of each piece I show in the video, including the one I forgot and added at the end !!!

This was a fun day and we got a lot of really great items !!!

A great lot of five watches. Second picture shows kit I already had to show how close they looked alike.

This picture is some little bags I bought and they came from Mexico, the lady goes down there and buys them. I thought they were so cute but forgot to show them in the video, although you can see them, I do not mention them !!! They were a dollar each. There were some other colors too. I picked my favorites !!!

Really  pretty  stone beads  with  some  black beads  that  could  be  clay  or  ceramic  very  pretty piece !!

very large paper beads along with some large beads that are maybe a large seed ? Some pretty tribal type beads and some red wood beads, along with stone chips, really interesting set

the bracelet on the right I added at the end of the video as I found it when I started the craft supply video. Gorgeous  glass or stone with a crackle finish and really nice brass spacers. The one of the left are a glass bead with a coating on them with an interesting painted effect , nice silver colored spacers and a pretty rhinestone cross


lovely older piece, probably vintage in like new condision. Pretty splattered beads with a pearl finish and other pearls with some opaque plastic  off white beads. 

Another piece that could be vintage. Really pretty twisted type beads with pretty round beads that have a slight shimmer and small  silver colored beads in between

Lots of sparkle , I love these beads and they appear to be a better quality than most you find like them. A few nice rhinestone spacers as well.


all  stone,pinks,blacks,grays.  Some  beautiful  light pink, could  be  rose  quartz,  but  not  sure  .Some  other  stones with grays and black and some crackled white glass beads and some plastic beads coated with metal that have a really pretty design . Nice big heart pendant as well.                             


Pretty blue plastic beads, possibly vintage, with some blue faceted glass in between and some shell along with some shell chunks. Very unique piece.


all  stone,  lots  of  pretty  colors,  old  type  of  hook


big  chunky  orange  bracelet  , all  plastic  , but  really  nice quality  with  pretty orange  spacers and small  silver  colored  spacers  . 

Nice bracelet, well loved. Large holed beads. Lots of sea inspired charms.

a really interesting piece, large painted seed  pod bead, some wood and some interesting plastic beads that have a nice brass finish.

Big chunky green plastic beads, so pretty with a swirl finish.



Gorgeous,  the  prettiest  piece  of  the  lot.  Glass  or  stone,  very  heavy, has  a quality  feel  to  it.


probably the cheapest piece, but still some nice elements. I like the painted beads, but has some black beads with the finish off, can see in the picture one of them .


Love this , just a lot of fun elements !!! The green beads are definately a stone, and lot of fun wood elements 

another fun one with lots of beautiful elements all in greens and blue , seed beads, E beads, , some wood beads, shell beads, and some really pretty white beads with a pearl swirl look to them

all glass beads, very pretty. Lots of sparkle


plastic  with  lots  of  nice  colors,  great  bead  caps,  and  spacers.

another glass piece, lots of really pretty elements

Monet, probably gold plated, but does not say it on it, so maybe not. But very bright and shiney for its age,  not the first one I have found. I have at least one more just like it.

great bracelet to take apart for embellishments on just about anything. Very fun and pretty !!!


This peace sign fell off of something, just not sure what !!!


a very unique and pretty vintage rhinestone bracelet. Well work the 1.05 I paid for it !!


















































I would love to hear what you think !!!

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