Fun antique mall and thrift shop haul, cookie cutters, jewelry , craft supplies and more !!

My husband and I had fun this weekend going to our favorite thrift shop and the  next day, Sunday, checking out a new ( to us) antique mall. It has actually been around since 1989 but we never  knew about it, so we decided to check it out and it was so awesome !! We are hoping next time to film in there so we can share some videos showing all the wonderful things they have. I did a video, here is the link, but wanted to post pictures as the lighting is pretty bad today.


When we walked into the antique mall they had this great sign. Lots of sun through the window, but still a great pictures, and so true !!


We have all made that mistake at least once in our life !!

Here are some pictures that I took of the items we picked up in no particular order !! j

a funny skinny cupid cookie cutter, with a nice ribbon tied on !!


the weird yellow cookie cutter that no one can figure out , it is just very weird. Almost a bird, but not really, maybe a crow ? Just very strange !! Along with what looks like a piece of corn.

classic Raggety Ann and Andy, very cute !!








the entire set, two Andys, one is very dirty, flour it looks like, love the blue unique ginger bread guy , close up below, he is a great addition to my collection !!!


a fun set of ten vintage small cookie cutters. Love them all !! !


A vintage paper weight and a modern heart one. some earrings and a gorgeous bowl.



the moonstone bowl and a cute little red and tan bowl I just love !!




more of the same

a wonderful new tool we picked up, it will be fun to figure it out !!


gorgeous sequin fabric from Vee Wells Design, please check out her YouTube channel. A wonderful addition to my sequin collection !!

My husbands platter and some salt and peppers for a project I am planning !!!


A gorgeous platter.  Might sell if prices are right when Holiday season rolls around again !! Only three dollars for this lovely, huge platter.

jewelry, almost always part of every haul. Not much to be found at the stores t his weekend. I do love the bracelets and the earrings are in one of these pictures.

a big wonderful flour sifter for me !!



my jar of springs for jewelry and other fun crafts.


scarf  hanger, some valentines, some St Patrick stickers, and other things.






Platter again. Looks like a crack, but just the table where the sides meet !!

wonderful bag of goodies for two bucks. Some more jewelry and some awesome rafia ribbon, vintage.


University of Alabama slogan. Great piece, will probably list on Ebay.

2 beautiful decanter tops, have some creative plans for them !!!


cute bird but way too big. Will do a smaller version of this bird as a video.

more detailed picture of the tool

raphia type ribbon from above

my amazing key haul, so exciting !!!





my jar of springs, so excited about that jar too !!!



lots of shakers for crafting !!


earrings, our bowl and an ornament for one of our daughters.

a cute tree I want to improve upon, this one gets all dusty and you cannot see inside. Heart paperweight and other things shown above.


Steam punk wine glass charms. I made three sets, sold two, and decided to keep this one. Loved making them all !!!

more shots of the cookie cutters


So, that was our fun haul. We did pick up a couple of other things that were gifts, one given already and one tucked away for later.

I hope you watch the video, and I hope you enjoyed seeing our fun haul !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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