Vintage style beaded ornament tutorial on YouTube

Yesterday I recorded a video for YouTube that did not come out very well. Despite a lot of light in the room and open blinds on my four windows and french door, the video came out dark and then I was out of frame or not showing my work as I should for some of the video and I was so frustrated. So, insteading of deleting I decided to go ahead and post it, but put pictures here for people to look at for reference.


I made these pretty ornaments over a year go, well over a year ago and wanted to show how I made them, but it was not the quality of video I wanted it to be. Even these pictures came out much darker than they should have and it is a different camera !!!

For these vintage style ornaments I used most of my classic materials. Felt, beading thread, beading needles, sequins, seed beads and added in bugle beads. I wanted to make a different spin on the vintage style ornament and love the sparkle of the bugle beads.

here are the materials I used and at the end of this I will add the link to the video once I have it uploaded to my YouTube channel.

Beading needles are a longer and thinner needle than the standard sewing needle and will easily fit through the seed beads and bugle beads where a sewing needle , with a bigger eye will not.

you can see all the materials in the pictures, size 5 mm sequins, in red, green,and silver. Felt in the same green and red as the sequins, Thread, sewing thread in the same green and red. I show it in several types of spools.

I talk about the large 3 oz spools which I buy on Amazon and get for around 30 with shipping. I show how the one oldest one I have is around 30 years old and still has a ton of thread on it. I have bought two more in different sizes in white, as well as two sizes of black, some blues, green, red, purple and tan. I also show a small spool and show it next to a bobbin and compare the two. I decided to take a picture to show it, but the bobbin is actually a bit smaller, although it is a very old bobbin, not sure if they are larger today, but it is close enough to get the point across to how big the thread spool is.The  thread  is  actually bigger than the bobbin.


here I show them all together and then show all my big spools.


I speak about the 5 mm sequins and here are the five and six mm together to show the difference. They were so reflective it was hard to show you the two next to each other. The bigger are the six, smaller are five. Five is my preference for the ornaments.

I talk about the cookie cutter and had to search for it, but wanted to show you the vintage one my grandfather made for my grandmother around 90 to 100 years ago. I put the bell he also made with it, to show how he made them out of cans from canned food.

Here are some other ornament cookie cutters I have that I wanted to show you for comparison.

The round tin of round cutters is a vintage bakery set . I paid around 20 for it and it has all those different sizes of circle cutters . I could use any of those and draw a square top to make an ornament shape.

I also talked about seed beads. I get most of mine from Hobby Lobby. These two tubes are only a dollar apart full price and fifty cents apart half price. Hobby Lobby usually has the seed beads on half price for at least a week or maybe two a month. The smaller tubes are better quality but you could honestly use the cheaper ones for even the edge to get started. They have a bunch of different colors and even a few mixes you can pick up for two bucks half price. The small tubes go for 1.50 half price and they have many styles and colors to choose from.


I wanted to show some of the detail work on this post, but as you can see, still have issues with the darkness and not really sure what is going on. I do have a light box and may have to get it for photos , I just do not have a space to set it right now or I would. I do want to point out, the big tube of seed beads is 12/0 the smaller tube is 11/0. I do use both,  but prefer to use 11/0 when I can but will definately use both when needed. They are absolutely a great way to get started at a good price.

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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