Staying on YouTube but doing some of my tutorials here instead temporarily

Hi Everyone, welcome if you joined me from YouTube.  I am going to be coming back here on a regular basis now. I had considered giving up my channel with all the COPPA stuff going around, but I feel fairly confident that I am safe as I have never targeted kids, even in the few videos I did remove.

I decided however , for now. To move some of  my beaded ornament tutorials to this blog and I will tell you why.

I have a full time unpaid job watching a grandchild and that keeps me very busy. Up to now, I could work on things when she left as my husband would get home a bit later and it gave me time to do some work before he got home.

The issue is, not anymore. His new shift gets him home less than an hour after she leaves. Therefore I do not have time to do all the work that a video requires. I can however, do blog posts while watching her. I can take detailed pictures and even write the blog post and post the pictures while watching here. A video, even a short one, and we all know I rarely do short ones, takes hours to do . I have to record the video. Then I have to upload to the computer, then to  my editing software, so another upload. Then I have to edit it, and then reload the edited version to a special file. Now I get to go to YouTube and upload it again. Then add tags, a description, and a thumbnail picture. All together, even a short video can take several hours.  This is virtually impossible for me right now. Now I might be able to do some jewelry videos, haul videos and so on. But filming a tutorial while babysitting a toddler is all but impossible right now. Her cartoons and shows are playing so loud they would be in the video, which is not allowed, and I get asked questions every two minutes. Both are fine for blog posts, but not for videos.

I will, when I can, add videos and next year I will be done sitting by summer and then have all day while my husband is at work to do videos all I want. So, I just ask that you be patient and we will get back to our preferred tutorials next year, but I think the ones here will be just as good. I might be able to add some videos in for details if needed. I will learn about how to do that , if it is possible.

So,if you have not come from YouTube ,  I am going to post a video saying the same thing as well. I am not going away, I am just changing gears for a while.

Off to make a post a YouTube video explaining this there as well.



I would love to hear what you think !!!

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