Fun Hobby Lobby Haul video for YouTube, lots of pictures !!!

I want to start posting a blog post for each of my new YouTube videos so I figured I would start with this one. I found some really fun things this week and wanted to share my fun haul with you !!!


I found these wonderful sequins at Hobby Lobby last night, Flamingos and pineapples, llamas and cactus, unicorn heads, mermaids and mermaid tools, 1.99

a package, but used a coupon on two , one me, one my husband for 40 percent off each bag !!


three balls made out of strips of old quilts, thought they were a lot of fun and a great use for cutter quilts !!!

really ugly angel ornament that you can make much better , has some great potential. I bought seven kits for 50 cents each.



very cute  collie  and  deer  figurines,  just one dollar  for  both



a  metal block  for  hammering  wire,  marked  down  1.79




felt squares marked off fifty percent each



half  price  on  findings,   1.50  per  bag  


wonderful  train cakelet  tray,with  gingerbread recipe,  never  used  only10  dollars

I would love to hear what you think !!!

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