Llama ornament, materials used and link to YouTube channel

I am about to post a video showing this llama ornament I just finished. I am going to show all the materials here so anyone who is interested can see what I used. I will add a link to my YouTube channel here. I do not have the llama tutorial up yet, just a video showing him , some happy mail and some sequins I just recieved from Cartwrights sequins.

stephies beads and baubles on you tube, my link would not work, but will put it here again just in case



This link will take you to my channel and the top will be my newest videos and you can easily find the llama video once I get it uploaded tonight, and once I finish the tutorial it will be on the top of the page as well.


To get started I stamp my felt with the cookie cutter and then cut the pieces out. I cut two, a front and a back for each ornament I do.


I than gather all my materials. Sequins, felt for accents, seed beads, thread, and beading needles. I used some gorgeous bugle beads I was gifted  by https://Beebeecrafts.com  .

They were kind enough to let me try some products if I would be willing to do a few  videos on using them. I was able to pick what I wanted and picked out these beads, two nice sized  boxes, some gorgeous  magnetic clasps and a  12 pack of wire I will use in another video. They did not ask for a blog post but I was ,and am ,pretty impressed with the  items I received so I thought I would mention them in this blog post.



I chose my colors from the tassels I picked up at Hobby Lobby. So, only one bugle bead was not from Beebeecraft. I used a vintage pink I have had for probably close to 30 years.


I got it all together and started working on my ornament. I beaded all the accents first, the saddle, the bridal or reins, the hoofs out of the white bugles from that wonderful box. Then I filled in the white, beaded the edge together and put on the loop. All these instructions will be in my video tomorrow or Friday.


size D beading thread, colors I bought on Amazon, I believe it is called D lon. I will find out and correct if I am wrong. I put three tubes and they are around 40 bucks with shipping includd, you get 36 spools. Some duplicates but a lot of different colors .



I have bags of seed beads from three different online shops, all seed beads are TOHO brand. All are size 11/0

Lima Beads ( pink seed beads name is Ceylon cotton candy)

Aura crystals (yellow seed beads color name is Opaque dandelion luster  )

Aunties Beads (are  the big bulk bags  white is lustered white , green in lustered mint green, and orange is lustered pumpkin )

My sequins are all from

Cartwrights Sequins. I have been purchasing from them for well over ten years. I will be showing you my newest sequins in the first video.

the white sequins are a pure white with a luster finish to them, but older and I am  not sure where I got them, they could be 20 or more years old honestly. There are plenty of pretty whites you can buy

I do lightly stuff as I stitch it together with a cotton , usually from vitamin bottles, but you can use cotton balls as well. I will show t his in the tutorial .

forgot to put the beading thread in the picture !!


Thank you so much, I will be back with my next ornament or project soon !!! I will be posting for each video going forward, always before I post the video, so if you are reading this right away, which is Wednesday night June 26 around 7:30 pm, the video will not be up for a few hours. Have to upload and edit and then upload to YouTube, this can take a couple of hours !!!













































I would love to hear what you think !!!

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