Beading project on YouTube !!!

My newest YouTube video came out tonight. But it is part of a series I have been working on . The other links are below !!

I had decided to have some interactive fun with my subscribers and asked them to vote on some bags of jewelry I put together out of old jewelry I have purchased at yard sales, thrift shops and estate sales. Bag one, the pink one, won hands down !!!




So, I did a video announcing the winner and showing a tray with all the pieces taken apart !!!


The link at the top is for the first two projects that I made today !!  A bracelet and earring set. Tomorrow I will be recording the next two projects, a book mark and a key chain !! You can see the key chain in the middle of the tray in the picture just below !!

I will post  a new blog post tomorrow when I get that video uploaded !!



So, anyway , tonight  I uploeaded the bracelet being designed in the picture above, but that was not the final choice.

Here is the final jewelry set , which I just listed in my Etsy shop tonight.



The link to the listing is


I will be back tomorrow with pictures and the video link for the new video !!!

Thanks so much for stopping by , I hope you will check out my YouTube channel !!
























I would love to hear what you think !!!

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