New video upload, Candy corn earrings you can make !!!

I have not been very good about posting and for that I am sorry. I have a new plan and you will be seeing more regular posts on this site. I have been working on building my YouTube channel , not realizing that this blog is a big part of that and they go hand in hand. Here is where I can give more information on the videos and I plan to do a blog post for each video going forward.

here is the link to my new video

With Halloween just days away, this video is about using the colors of a candy corn candy to make a pair of earrings. I decided since, nothing is more frustrating than to see a pair of earrings made that you do not have the beads to copy it, I would do the same colors in several different styles to show different ways to make the same kind of earrings. It started with this pair of earrings I made to wear myself a couple of years ago. The top two beads are stone, the bottom is a gorgeous glass bead. Even I have no way to get more of the yellow, I bought them at a bead market many years ago and doubt they would have them at another one. I have found when I go to the bead market, if I love something, buy a lot, next time around, they will not be there. So, I wanted something with a candy corn color, and this is what I came up with !!! I love them a lot. Now, they can be worn the rest of the year too if you have those colors in your outfit, that makes them a bit more versatile than earrings with a candy corn bead on them, which I also made up many years ago.


So, I went through all my yellow, white , and orange beads and got out a selection to make the same kind of earrings with different styles of beads. I did two styles with each selection of beads. A stacked version and the chained version. Not everyone likes the chained style, which I love, and some people are still learning to make jewelry , so a stacked version is a better choice for them. I also threw in two just stacked selections to show how unusual and unique beads can work as well, picture two below.

Thank you for stopping by, should be back in a few hours with a really fun project and new video !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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