Coke purse hook video







Now, a disclamier, I messed up and got my hands out of frame a lot in this video. I will be redoing it, but wanted to get it posted until I can redo it. I am watching our one year old grandaughter full time, so I have a bit less time to do stuff.

But here is a picture of the finished item,

here is the link to the video ,





here is the link to my Etsy listing for the kits



Will update when I redo the video sometime this week.

Thanks for stopping by !!!


2 responses to “Coke purse hook video”

  1. Ooh, what a fascinating up-cycle of a common enough item πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ So sparkly and glamorous too! Nice!


  2. Thanks ! I scored hundreds of the Bottlecaps and wanted to find fun uses for them !


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