A nice jewelry haul from estate and yard sales

Been doing the YouTube channel for a while now, up to 14 videos, most of them haul videos, but will be doing a lot of project videos now. I just posted a new video today, on a huge jewelry haul from this week. Yard sales and estate sales, and some antique shop stuff too !!

I tried to put in the link they gave me, did not work. If you go to YouTube, my channel is

Stephies Beads and Baubles,   big surprise !!!

Here are some pictures from my haul



This is an above view of a good amount of the jewelry. I had another haul this big earlier this year, but I think this one might be a bit bigger, and it is definitely better than the last one !!!


Look at those gorgeous rhinestone bracelets, they are just strung on elastic, so easy to take apart !! I bought them and the vintage crystal necklace behind them at a local antique shop.


Just a nice variety of stuff, most glass beads, with some metal, and some plastic These all came from a few yard sales.


this set is actually plastic, but really nice quality. Loved the bright colors. 


bought this for the really awesome small metal beads. Look the connectors for ball chain, but they are not, they are actually metal beads !! Thought it was pretty interesting , and for 50 cents, it came home with me !! 

These were actually two lots, the angels, flag and heart were one bag, the napkin rings another. for a buck each, I thought they were worth it. That heart is actually a very nice quality piece. It was not cheap kid stuff , so that is nice. The angels are not bad, a bit worn but fun for projects and the flag is all made from safety pins and seed beads !! The rings are plastic beads, but the metal coated plastic ones are great for southwestern projects and hold up pretty nice. Both are pretty good for a buck each.



So, that is what I did today, show and tell for my channel. I will be posting some fun projects on my channel and be sure and take pictures too to share here !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!! I hope you will check out my channel and subscribe to it so you can see all my videos !!




I would love to hear what you think !!!

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