Learning new skills is not always easy …

I have been learning some new crafts and although it has been fun, I have had my challenges with it !! I found a wonderful You Tube creator calle One very happy bird and she does the most wonderful things. She has a Facebook page called Happy birds glitter nest and I have never been part of a kinder , more supportive community than her page.

I am learning a lot from them. Here is some of what I have been up to lately. These are all purse charms I made. I made some a month ago that came out great, but I used a different teqnique this time that I will go back to from now on.


They look great in this picture, but in the close up , they are not as good, but its okay, it is a learning curve. I will take apart the couple of bad ones and redo them.

This is the one I was happiest with the design, but my application was off. I know what I did and I know I can do it right next time , I used the wrong glue. This one is a photo  I took, printed out on paper,  cut in two, and made this pendant out of one half. I added glue and glitter to give it shimmer and then proceeded to decorate it. That is where I messed up. I should have used E 6000 but for several reasons decided to use gorilla glue hot glue instead. Works great, holds wonderful, but you have absolutely no time for it to be adjusted before it hardens. So, all the rhinestone chain looks awful. Not at all like my last batch. I used the E6000 and they all turned out much better ,  should have stuck with what worked !!

here are some close ups of the mistakes I made using the wrong glue.

another one with some mistakes in it.



not quite as bad as the purple one, but still upsetting to see that big clump of glue. I am going to just keep this one and use it myself. I cannot sell it, but it is still nice enough to use.

This coke one came out great !!!  I will be making a pepsi and 7 up one as well. You can really see the mistakes in the purple one in this picture.

this one is a bit of a mess on top, but not the worst of the bunch. Again, just used the wrong glue !! It is good for a gift maybe. Not good enough to sell, but a nice piece I can use as a gift, or keep for myself.



big clump of glue, covers the side of the rhinestone. I can fix that, but the top still looks a bit messy above.



Overall, not too shabby for starting out. I have a lot of materials and plan to make more things, and do it right this time !!! I will use the E 6000 outside on my porch so it is well ventilated and just wait between steps. Takes longer, but comes out much better  in the long run !!

So, we cannot be afraid to try new things, and be okay with failing and trying again, and over time , you will get it right !!! My first four came out really nice, just have to go back to what I did that time.  Tried something new, did not work. The gorilla hot glue was great for all the embellishements except for the rhinestone chain. Even trying to do small areas at a time, I just messed it up with that hot glue !!











































I would love to hear what you think !!!

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