Creative dilemma

I am not sure if anyone else has this problem, but I am pretty sure other creative people do. I tend to want to do, or at least try so many things, and I end up  not doing much of anything at all !! I have so many unfinished projects  on my table and I am have so much trouble staying focused.  Below are pictures of my six foot long table, COVERED in wonderful things !!

There are  many wonderful things to create with, but it can be overwelming to me as well !! I got interested in making domino pendants, poker chip pendants and so on. I had a lot of the stuff, including the vintage dominos and then purchased some smaller wood ones to go with my big vintage ones. I ordered many things from Ebay and Etsy and got a few pieces made up, will show them below, along with some seed bead earrings I did last week as well.

On my table are glitter, including German glass glitter, charms, rhinestones in every shape and size, wooden buttons with lovely designs on them. I got most of my new ideas from a wonderful you tube creator who also has a you facebook page as well. One Very Happy Bird is her you tube channel. Her you tube page is Happy Birds glitter nest and I have never met more wonderful people online. So much support and love , just a great group of people. If you are a creative person who wants ideas, Happy Bird is the one for you.

These are  a decoupage type of project using craft paper or printed pictures, decoupage glue, glitter, charms ,glue on bails, dominos, wood scraps, and so on.

A lot of fun bling goes into these projects, taking apart old stuff, buying inexpensive rhinestone chain from China, some really pretty stuff, really cheap.



More dominos to play with, old jewelry, beads,



glitter, glue, paint, it goes on and on. Some poker chips, a great item that one of the member of the facebook page, and the woman who inspired Happy Birds domino video, so I found some at a thrift store, two packages actually, cheap !! The list is endless, cardboard, stickers, embellishments of every kind. I had a blast making the three I finished.



These are the ones I am still working on. The two purple are my own orginal photos. Who can play with glitter and rhinestones and not have a blast.

here is my six foot table at a glance, scary, but so many lovely things !!!


Here are the few pieces I actually finished and listed in my etsy shop , the first is a wedding themed piece. Can be a bottle charm, purse charm, or I can add a ball chain for your rear view mirror, which is the same with all three pieces. This one was a piece of scrap wood my hubby had in his stash and gave me.




Second one was so much fun. A sewing themed piece I offer a choice of wine bottle rings as well. This one was also a scrap of wood my husband pulled out for me to use. It is the longest one I made.


third one is the first one I made with a big vintage white domino . I used a double rhinestone close chain for the edge of this piece and used triple thick to add dimension and lot of different glitters on it. I was very pleased with out it came out. I used E6000 to glue on any findings on these items.



My fourth one is a tiny wood domino with a decorative wood button glued to the front of it and decorated with the Triple Thick, which is kind of like modge podge with a really nice clear glass look. Lots of rhinestone bling , plenty of charms and glass beads


I also found time to make this pair of earrings from a pattern my husband designed over 25 years ago.

As you can see I am kind of all over the place. These earrings came out so reflective and pretty. I used some absolutely stunning beads. I wish I had these types of beads around when I started this type of work. I have so many beads now, and they just did not exist back when we started learning to do seed bead jewelry.


so, I am still confused on what to do. I want to finish up the pendants I started and then go from there. I would like to make a poker one up as well. I bought a couple of really good quality paper punches as well. I also want to make lots of other pairs of earrings, along with my beaded ornaments with sequins and seed beads. sigh.

I do believe I am going to make up some kits with all this lovely stuff for others to make pretty things. I will be sure to post when I do.

But this is what I have been up to, along with taking pictures of all the stunning flowers right now !!! this is our beautiful rose arch, every year for a few weeks we are blessed with this display. It is wonderful and smells like the Avon rose cologne that I have always loved. I suppose the cologne smells like it, ha !!! The red roses grow up in front of our porch and there is a big peach rose that grows out of this bush as well. Very strange.

So far just one this year and it bloomed before the red ones took off. Would have loved to get one together, but I might still. There are less of the peach, way more of the red. Completely different kids of roses too .

I hope you have many beautiful flowers around you as well !! Thanks so much for stopping by !!! I would love to hear what you do about staying focused on one kind of craft, or if you have trouble with it too !

4 responses to “Creative dilemma”

  1. You have a delectable dilemma!

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    1. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful dilemma !! I need to clear the items I am not using right now off the table so I can spread the rest of it out, I think that would help a lot. Piles of wonderful things is an amazing blessing, but it is hard to create when you cannot see what you have !!!


      1. Have great fun doing that! 👍🏼

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  2. I love the wedding charm and I want the seamstress charm for a very good friend of mine.

    On Tue, Apr 17, 2018 at 1:12 PM, STEPHIE’S BEADS AND BAUBLES wrote:

    > posted: “I am not sure if anyone else has > this problem, but I am pretty sure other creative people do. I tend to want > to do, or at least try so many things, and I end up not doing much of > anything at all !! I have so many unfinished projects on my table and I > am” >


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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