Studio organization finished

As I have posted on t his many times, you probably know getting my studio organized has been a work in progress. I finally have it all organized and straightened out. All, but the trays that just seem to multiply, but at least have a neat tidy home until they are put away.

My wonderful husband put shelves in my closet for me, just using wood we had laying around which is perfect. I do not need pretty shelves, no one will be seeing them , and packed with my stuff, who can see what they look like anyway ?

So, here are the pictures I took just now.

this first one is standing in front of the porch door looking into the room. You can see my closet with its new shelves.

standind in the  hallway door jam looking into the room

I stepped in from the hall and took this picture toward the front porch door.

another from the front porch door looking sideways in the room. I have a huge metal desk and two huge file cabinets my husband rescued, with permission from work when they were throwng them away. The desk looks terrible, but we were  not going to take the time to paint it , we had to get it moved into the room !!standing in front of my love seat looking towards the other side of the room at my bead shelf. The dresser is shared with our youngest son who makes a lot of costumes for his you tube comedy channel, the rest is some of my craft supplies. taken from the opposite way, from the bead shelves to the love seat. I love having my husbands stained glass in the windows and matched them with glass knick knacks on the tops of the old sash windows.

Next to the file cabinet, which is a lot of craft stuff, the top drawer is all felt and embroidery floss and it is full, and that is a wide, and very deep professional file cabinet, I have a lot of felt and a lot of embroidery floss, then on the floor is the rest of my storage stuff, some great cigar boxes and some other fun storage stuff. That brown shelf has my paints, art pads, stamps and ink pads and one box of listings for Etsy that are not  jewelry or wine charm related.

This is where I am sitting right now, where I do my listings, andwork on the computer.

my work table and you can see the door to the hallway.

close up of the closet. I am sorry it is blurry not sure why ? Lots of great storage.

The bead shelves are about the same, no new boxes, but not sue what I will do when I need more. Unless I go up to the top shelf, no more room for boxes !!!

magazines are peeking out from under the desk, I have a stash of them along the back of the desk along the way for projects and c rafts, no more room, so I will not be able to save one more magazine , lol !!


close up of my extra storage containers. the top basket has rags for painting in it.

I tried to get a better one of the entire room.

So, other than the trays, which are numerous. 12, but were more, but I doubled up a few. the ones on the bottom two shelves do not count, they are a project that a customer/ friend and I have been workng on for a while. So, 8 trays are her projects, but the rest are my mess !!! I have a stack of 8 empty trays on the top shelf too.

So, that is my studio, I just have to keep it like this between projects !!!

Thanks for stopping by , I always appreciate it !!






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