TA DAAAAAAA , the room looks great !!

I did it, I finally got it done. There might be a few small things to go through, but for the most part, the room is done. I am awaiting a love seat we had given our daughter, that she is giving back since she got her new set, but that will be here in the next two days, so it is just open under the window with a little white table with drawers we have to move out in its place. The love seat should fit in between the side of the filing cabinet and the brown book shelf facing side ways

It is nice to not have the desk flanked by file cabinets on both sides, having it open on one side makes it feel much less congested.


I love the old desk and file cabinets my husband got from work for free, they were going to toss them out. They had more file cabinets but only let him have two, someone was going to take the others but he thinks they did not and they got trashed, what a shame. They are absolutely huge and in another post I will show you the amazing amount of storage they provide.

My big metal shelf is much more organized as well, I am very happy with it. I still have a lot of trays on the small racks, but most are customer projects and about three are the rest of the stuff I have to get put away. I got a lot done, but needed a break and put the others away and will deal with them a bit a day.


I got the black shelf out from the corner the filing cabinet is in now with the considerable help of my husband, well, he did it all actually, cannot take any credit !!


Here are some more quick shots of the room



My pile of stuff to deal with, some storage, and a bag of stuff  to put through the shredder .One the door is a a pretty shirt I need to repair some sequins on. I did not make it but have all the stuff to repair it !!!



Hope you enjoyed the tour, thanks for stopping by !!!



2 responses to “TA DAAAAAAA , the room looks great !!”

  1. Congrats I can hardly wait till I do mine 🙂

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  2. It was a lot of work, but so worth it !!!!


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