Getting through the mess , a new room !!

I am shocked how fast this new year is flying by. I did not mean, once again , to take so long to post again. I have been slowly cleaning out my studio , not just putting away things, but actually going through every single thing I own and organizing it. I had planned on posting today and showing you my bright shiney new studio but then, a change again .

We had bought a new sofa for our family room and gave our old love seat and sofa to our oldest daughter. I have regreted since almost the day we brought that new sofa home. Hate it. Not at all comfortable. Missed my old one, but just dealt with it. Well, our daughter called me today to say they are getting some new leather sofas for a great price and did I want the other set back, oh you bet I do !! Well , until our son moves out in a few years, he is using the front living room and we have the back, smaller family room . So, we have nowhere to use the brown sofa, or the love seat we gave our daughter .BUT, I do have room in my studio for a love seat, the sofa can go back in our family room and my hubby thinks the big sofa, the one we are not crazy about will fit in his studio. so, I started to tear my studio apart, was doing great, went to move a black metal shelf across the room, it is wedged in. I was so frustrated. My husband assures me he can get it out when he gets home, but I have a sick feeling either the shelves above it, or the file cabinet next to it will need to be emptied to pull that off !!

Anyway, you can see a huge mess. Stuff everywhere. Some will go , most has a place once I move the shelf. I have had a blast today going through everything and finding new ways to organize it all. I cannot wait to share how it all looks. I have so many wonderful things to create with. I did take pictures for another post about stamp pads and ink, I will post that one tomorrow. I was going to film it for the youtube video, but had trouble getting it lined up, got to find a better way, so I just stopped filming and took pictures instead to share here. The youtube channel is coming soon, same name as this blog.

So, here are some pictures so you can feel my pain !!


at least my desk is not too bad, lol


Here is the rest of the studio, which, by the way, was absolutely spotless today when I started this craziness !! first picture is where the black shelf is getting moved to, my radio will have to get moved to above my desk area, which is better anyway.  I love that old radio, such great sound. The large thing leaning against the dresser is a piece of stone counter top from 20 years ago when my now late dad had a new counter top put it and gave me the cut out from the sink, which my husband neatened up. I use it to roll out fimo clay on.


egg cartons for using for painting, can pour paint in and throw away when done. We do not eat eggs anymore, we went vegan, so I am holding on to them as no more are coming into this house !! So much stuff !!! My other desk is piled up as well. the two file cabinets are full, each drawer is a seperate type of craft. I will share when the room is done. That might actually be a video.


a view just inside the door of where the shelf is going .


that is a toaster oven on the floor, it is my crafting toaster oven, fimo clay and melting stuff , all kinds of craft uses. It was on the black shelf and will go back up on that shelf again.


So, that is what I was up to today. Leave me alone and I get into all kinds of trouble, lol !!!

Thanks for stopping by. There will be a post on stamping next and I hope you will enjoy that.














3 responses to “Getting through the mess , a new room !!”

  1. Hi there. I am so envious of those boxes of neatly sorted and labelled beads! I took a beading class at the community centre years ago, got inspired and bought beads wherever I went. So now I have bags of beads. Everywhere. One day (soon) they will be sorted and made into jewellery.


    1. That is the fun part, sorting and storing your stash !! Everytime I get to go to the bead market and come home with a bag of new pretties I have so much fun putting them away. I do by color, and by material, ie, wood, metal, glass, lampwork, but you can do it however is best for you !! That is the fun part, no right or wrong way, just your way !! Those plastic boxes at Walmart and the bead store are a beaders best friend for storing beads !! You are looking at almost thirty years of beading, starting out with a couple of boxes and building to what I have today !!! I hope you will share when you get yours done, I would love to see your stash !!!

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      1. Yep, lots of plastic boxes are the key! Thank you so much for responding – will share when I sort myself out 😘


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