300 sales

I have been on Etsy since , I believe, 2008. I have sold slow but sure the entire time, times of feast, times of famine, but some sales every year. This y ear has been my best to date, and today Etsy let me know I had just made my 300th sale !!! I am pretty excited and looking forward to hitting the 500 next !! I hope to hit it soon.

I had to share that news with my blog readers, I had been watching for it and then forgot to check again, and here I am at 300 !!

It is too bad I had to switch to supplies to see my sales grow, but that is okay. I am going to work on  supplies I can create, since my sequins are going fast and not replaceable as they are vintage !!

I do not want my shop to dry up as the materials are gone . So, the new year will be full of fun new creations for others to create with and maybe some personalized ones as well !!

Well, this is a short post, just wanted to stop in and share my news  !! I know a lot of stuff sellers have much higher numbers, but that is okay , I will get mine up too !! But this is a wonderful milestone for sure !

Also , on another note,  here are some of our grandkids and leaves, and our sweet dog Maggie !! The girls asked to rake the leaves and I said sure if they took them to what we call the back lot, so they did not kill the good grass with a pile of leaves, they had a blast . I purposely used pictures that do not really show them for privacy sake . They do not live with me, were just visiting !! they got a pretty nice pile going for sure !!

our sweet pup Maggie, she loves her kids, and they also wear her fuzzy little self out !!! She is recovering from a very short hair cut we gave her over the summer, we regretted it right away. She looks much better but will be twice as fluffy as she is here when she grows completely  back. She is a house dog, but goes out with the kids when they are over !! I took some pictures of our trees while in the yard,the sky was so pretty with the bare branches ,  I think this is a nest, could be squirrel, could be bird, we have a lot of both. You can see it up in the branches in the bottom picture and this is the close up !! That is not my house , the white one, that is beyond the fence, my neighbors garage that is two story !! I must have taken the picture at the fence line. You can see the rest of her garage with the turbine to the left of the picture, that is her late husbands office above the garage.

Well, that is all, somewhat off the subject and not very bead worthy, but sometimes just like to share random stuff !!

Thanks for stopping by !! I really do appreciate it !!!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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