Enjoying the holiday season !!

It is so exciting to have the holidays upon us again. I am working on all kinds of fun projects for Christmas.  I have also been being a bit creative in my displays in my studio as well, thought I would share a bit of what I am up to.

IMG_0333 - CopyIMG_0334 - Copy

Here is a vintage dresser that belonged to my husbands grandma that I am using in my studio and it needs to be redone, my grandaughters wrote on it w hen they were using it but that is just the drawers and I plan to chalk paint them eventually.

IMG_0335 - CopyIMG_0343 - CopyIMG_0344 - CopyIMG_0338 - Copy

I love putting things in jars and interesting containers and had so much fun doing this display that is also storage.

Here is my pipe cleaner collection, well, my vintage ones, I have others as well. I plan to put together sets of them for sale on Etsy. I have some really pretty ones, they are much more sturdy that todays pipe cleaners and much prettier !!! The bag is full of some too, some shorter ones that I find very interesting !!! The ones missing on the s helf are in the picture on top of the filing cabinet. I have a real love of sequins , and pipe cleaners, felt ,  and seed beads. I love all beads, but I really love seed beads, and I have a huge selection of them. I am lucky the  things I love the most are really cheap. Even those vintage boxes of pipe cleaners are only a buck each, shipping makes them a bit more, but I purchased some other things along with them. Sequins and seed beads are mostly a buck or two a bag, some seed beads can be much more, but I have not purchased a lot of the more expensive ones at this point.


IMG_0346 - CopyIMG_0347 - Copy

I even did a vase of pipe cleaners for fun !!!


So, just checking in and hoping your holiday season has started in a good way !!

I will be back soon with more of what I am up to.

Thanks so much for stopping by !!


3 responses to “Enjoying the holiday season !!”

  1. Loving the lampwork! Hope December is kind to you HUGS


    1. Thanks so much !! Same thing right back at you , and really looking forward to a fresh, and good new year !!!

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      1. nutsfortreasure Avatar



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