A wonderful month !!!

Not  only is this a great month because it allows us time to be grateful for all the blessings in our lives, and is the start of a new holiday season, but it was my best month ever on Etsy.  I am doing well , and very happy with my shops progress. I have a very long way to go, but I am at least on the road now.
I had a customer from two years ago contact me and ask if I still made wine charms, and I told her I absolutely could. So I mocked up a bunch and she picked the ones she wanted, I made them up and she was thrilled and once she got them she was even happier with them in person, what a thrill for me !!

Here are some of her pieces, I sent her 14 sets. Unfortunately they are on my iphone, just these two for some strange reason are on my camera. They were two of my favorites that I sent her , so I am happy I can show you these two. She is selling them in her wine shop, I will have to get a link for her so if anyone is interested they can shop.

This top set is stunning in person. Lamp work flower beads in a stunning blue with a black background. Just gorgeous. the flowers actually appear to be 3 dimensional because of how the beads were made. Love these and have four precious beads left !!!


This next set is a charm set, really nice pieces and some I put together, she really loved this one too. There was another one, I will try to get the picture on here if I can later, but this one is so pretty.


I am really having to work to get this post up, so many computer issues, getting kicked off, so happy WordPress saves as drafts or I would be pretty frustrated right now !!

Anyhow, this is how my work table looks right now, and I love it when it is like this.



I apologize for the pictures being so dark, I am having some camera issues as well. I would have waited, but it is has been way too long since I posted and I wanted to make sure with the next three days being so busy, that I got a new post up !!

So, here is how my studio looks and how it will stay, other than stuff being put away, there is a bit of a mess all around, but look beyond that at just the the furniture and shelving and stuff like that !! I am so happy with the room !! there is a bunch of pictures showing the room from all views !!!

My door with an interesting dress hanging on it. Something I want to fix up for our oldest grandaughter but have not started on yet. The door next to it is my closet which has shipping supplies in it for now, until I can get some shelves installed by my very busy husband !!!

the filing cabinets came in this summer along with the big metal desk in the middle. I wanted to do a caption  per picture but it is not letting me, I am telling you, I have to fight for every word of this blog post. the desk and filling cabinets face the door in the hallway. you can see the dress on the left edge of the picture. The next picture is my other desk and new computer, well, a year old now, but much newer than the one I am working on. I cannot get my pictures to load on that new computer so I can find them for posts and Etsy, so right now, Etsy is by iphone only and I am on the computer shown on the metal desk. across from the wall of beads and the closet I put some little rolling carts with cloth drawers that I took the wheels off of and put a plank of pine across the tops. I store my pretty blue stool and my vintage trash can in the middle and next to it is a wonderful little side table with my treasured plant on it.  I really love how it all looks. 


So, that is my studio now, lots of projects everywhere, it is a make presents year, so I will have a lot of projects going at all times, so will my hubby in his stained glass studio next door to my  studio.

Here are a few things I have been doing , some of the wine charms my customer did not choose I made up to sell, a couple of sets are in my shop now. and then one or two I made up the last day or two. Some are not finished.

I will get all those listed probably this weekend since my hubby works, so that will give me something to do on Saturday !!

I guess I have to be done, it will not let me rotate pictures and half my pictures are not showing. I will try again in a few days, but at least you know I am here and working. I will not let more than a few days go by without a post, I will just getting back on my creative feet and wanted to work on that before I started posting.

So, happy Thanksgiving and I will be back Saturday with a better post, if not sooner !!! As always, thank you so much for stopping by, I really appreciate it !!


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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