Cannot believe June is here !!!

This last month flew by so fast !! We had our daughters wedding here and that took up a big chunk of our month  getting the house ready for the big day.

Now it is June. I am so in shock. In one month the year will be half over, how did that happen ?

Well ,been busy and thought I would show you what I have been up to.

My friend and cousin has a daughter getting married in a few months and asked if I would make the jewelry for her wedding party, and of course I said yes !!!

So, finally all the bits and pieces got here and this is what I did yesterday !!! I did seven like this, just different letters !! I made earrings that are just the rhinestone charm alone. I had already packaged them up before I thought to share, so that is why it looks weird.

We had toyed with using the hearts but in the end, the bride liked the plain rhinestone charm alone for the earrings !!! 


Besides that, I have been listing a lot on my Etsy page. Some of the things I am about to list, or already listed are these

not Listed yet



not listed yet


really pretty charms, two sided, all earth or peace themed


not listed yet





I have so much to list and plan to really get a lot of it on the site over the next few weeks !! I started working on some new handmade clasps

I did a rose gold, a copper and a gold plated wire and plan to do some solid silver wire as well. I am out of practice and cannot find the hammer I use for this, so I was using a hammer for letter stamping which is much heavier, and bigger and harder to use.

Our youngest daughter recently moved all her sewing supplies into my studio to share with me, she made this cute mini quilt , she calls them Mug rugs, they are cute little quilts to set your mug or cup on. I got to pick my fabric and I love it !! I use it for cold drinks, but you can use them for hot too !! She is very talented and hopes to have a web site and Etsy page soon. She does a lot of gorgeous custom work, baby quilts, big quilts, you name it. I will post more of her work when I can get some pictures from her !!

Well, it is raining very hard and I am very tired from getting up much earlier than usual today !!

I will be back in the next few days with some more updates on what I have been up to !!

Here is a picture from the wedding we had here for our daughter , father daughter dance. My hubby looked so handsome, he cleans up really nice, but rarely does so. I think I fell in love with him all over again the day of the wedding, he looked so handsome !!! Almost 38  years and he still can do that to me !!!

here we are , both have more weight to lose, but both had a blast and felt good in our new wedding clothes !! It was a wonderful day !!

Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate it !! Sorry I was away so long. That last month flew by !!


2 responses to “Cannot believe June is here !!!”

  1. Lovely pictures of your daughter and you and your hubby. Congrats! I love your clasps and the wedding jewelry is so pretty. I confess I liked the one with the heart. Have fun sharing your studio with your daughter, your talents compliment each other.


  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my blog and comment !! I cannot take too much credit for the wedding jewelry as the bride designed it and sent me all the pieces. I just had to put them together !! I am very pleased with how they came out though !! I have never worked with rose gold before !! I am a huge copper fan and it is a very close color to copper, so I really loved making those pieces !!
    I love doing the clasps and look forward to making and selling them in my Etsy shop. I have some copper ones listed, but none of the other metals yet.
    We have two creative daughters ! The one who got married can paint and draw so beautifully, and the one moving into the studio can also paint and draw and also loves to do the sewing , which her sister also loves to do, but she is more into the painting than the sewing. Our sons can draw as well, but our oldest is a SGT in the army and just does not find time to be creative anymore, but our youngest son still draws at times and is very artistic. My husband does stained glass so we are a pretty artistic family !!! We love arts and crafts and have two rooms of the house dedicated to them !!! All our grandkids are very creative as well, it is so fun to see it passed down to them !!!


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