Studio with a view !!

I cannot believe it has been over a month since I posted here and I am sorry about that. I have finally been getting my studio done and put together, and it has been wonderful !! I will do a post on that later. I have my tv and my big shelf finally, so I got the place all put together !! So wonderful !!!

Right now it is a big mess because I am a listing machine. I am working to get as much inventory into my Etsy shop as possible. No jewelry, just stuff, sequins, beads, charms, pendants , and so on. Lots of stuff. I have so many vintage sequins, and charms and all kinds of wonderful things, but it just takes time to get it all listed. I took around 300 pictures just yesterday of stuff I plan to list this week.

This is a shot of my studio work table right now.


I have so many sequins to list and this does not include the box of bags of bulk sequins I have to divide up, and the already bagged and  sequins I bought in bulk. I have a wonderful new scale that will count them for me, I just have to set it up and unfortunately it is not in here, this room is old wiring, so I will have to bring it out onto the kitchen counter to use it. I am hoping in a couple of weeks. We have our daughters wedding first, next weekend, then I can learn a new skill set with that scale !

This is my lovely view, I never get tired of it, such a wonderful room to spend my days in !!! Trees all around me and a peach tree right in front, too bad it does not hang over our fence !!the first one is looking out over the top of my computer !!! My poor money tree is barely hanging on, got it as a gift 5 years ago, but I think it is coming back, you can see is last few leaves but some new ones too !!

the window next to the one over the computer


the next pictures are the two front windows that over look our wonderful front porch and all the lovely trees to see out those two windows !! Next to that window is my french door, I forgot to take a picture of that !!!

you can see the edge of the french door in the next picture !!

My cute studio puppy is with me on and off, a lot of her day is spent in the front yard chasing mail men and people and dogs down the length of the picket fence !!! You can see some of her stuff around the floor, her toys and blanket, yes, a zebra blanket  !!! I need to vacuum badly, sequins and bits of stuff all over the room !!! She tracks a lot of grass and stuff inside, but she loves it out there !!!

So, going to work hard to fill up my store. Some of the things I will be adding this week are below.

A gorgeous pendant, seems to be rose quartz and amethyst , really pretty, taken off a necklace I bought and took apart. Got a bunch of different necklaces from a jewelry artist clearing out their stock at a trunk show, years ago !!!

a lovely rose pendant, hole goes all the way through the piece, off a vintage piece I took apart.

this is a copper foil piece we made for a friend/ customer. It did not turn out right, took three tries to get what we needed, doing this long distance, and our first piece of this kind. I am listing the two that did not work out, one is longer and one sided, the other is shorter and has the same picture on both sides. Vintage Barbie.

not exactly sure where I got this, but it is old. I have had it a while. Kind of interesting piece.


big chunky faceted piece. Really pretty. Nice size too.

I have two of these pretty rhinestone heart pendants in gold metal

a bunch of vintage soda bottle caps, with the cork inside !!

I have so much more I could show, just tons of great stuff !! It is a lot of work, but I plan to aim for at least ten items a day, and many days can do a lot more than that. Just having pictures already taken of dozens of things makes it go a lot faster. I usually take a lot of pictures at once, and then list until they are done, then take more.

Thanks for stopping by. I should be back on track with regular posts now.


I would love to hear what you think !!!

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