Too long with no post !!!

I am so sorry I have been away so long !! I had not realized it had been so long, and I did not drop off the face of the earth even though it seems like it !!!

My husband and I started a new eating plan and it really took over my life for a while. Changing what you eat drasticly takes time to adjust to, but I am getting there and working on getting back to my life. I have lost 28 pounds and counting and it is still a lot of work, but time to get back into my life again !! Oh, we went to a strict vegan , plant based eating plan and also fat free. Quite an adjustment from eating the standard American diet !!

So, getting ready to put more things in my shop. Been going through all the things I have to sell and it is a lot !!

Here are some of the things I plan to list, some are jewelry related and some are not.

These are big, about three inches across and I am not sure what I had planned to do with them, but I do know I did not realize they were this big. They are metal , old and fairly thin.

Old Metal  candy molds, really cool !!

Stone heart charms, or pendants

molds of some kind,

No clue, but really cool. It is a a slide that is obviously old, even reverse picture look up on google got me nothing on this piece !!! Some kind of gold tone metal enameled.


Some fabric pin wheels for quilting or sewing

Glass tags and vintage optometrist lenses

vintage copper cookie cutters

Buckets of stuff, old jewelry, new carded stuff never used, game pieces and parts, vintage kid scissors, old spools of thread,  and just misc stuff !!!

I have a lot of stuff to go through and list. It takes time. I have to pick the items, photograph them , 5 photos each per listing and then do the actual listing. I am hoping to work up to at least ten a day. With all the cooking and then cleaning up I am doing every meal, It takes a good part of my day now and I am still adjusting, but I think I can do ten a day. That is 50 photos, but I always have to take more to make sure I get five good ones, so as many as 60 photos, maybe more per ten listings, plus time to do any research on the item, figuring out what to charge for each item, and then do the listing , which means, description, size, tags, and so on.

I have all my sequins to do too, well over a thousand  bags of the vintage and hundreds of bags of the new I have to do. I bought a scale that you can count them on, so that will help a lot !!

So much to part with, and that will still leave me with a lot, much of it to sell, and more  to keep. I have 25 years of collecting and really want to scale it back a lot.

This is my beading  shelf, hardly touched with the items I am listing, top shelf is mostly office type stuff, but I have a big jar of old jewelry up there along with a really cool vintage scale !! Middle shelf has a pile of empty boxes on the end and that is the stuff I got rid of, and a few new boxes as well .

my arts and crafts corner, paints, paper and art supplies, fimo clay and paper cutting and such, a lot of stuff that I am keeping everything on these two shelves. You can see a tiny chair and there is also a few old fashioned jointed stuffed animals I love in a pile there, one who sits on the chair,  until I can find a place to display them !!

In the next picture are my sequins, felt, extra seed beads not on major bead shelf, which is a heaping bin next to the window, and ribbon and all kinds of stuff in the drawers, most of it keeping, the two big boxes on the drawers, one on the right has mostly the sequins for sale, also piled on top, all the bulk sequins I have purchased. I still have trays of stuff in my old studio on the big shelf not moved yet and on a small desk in there,you can see the corner of that green desk in the next shot,  lots of projects in the works with a friend, that have been on hold for a bit, and trays of stuff I need to put away but right now cannot access the shelf as it is our throw everything in room as we work on the house. Should be cleaned out soon, not hoarding by any meals, but some furniture that needs to go out in our storage barn, some goes to other people and it is just a lot of stuff to get move to other places or get used in our projects. If front of the black shelf is a bag of old cigar boxes and some plastic boxes for organization. I have a big pile of new magazines in that area, not that we ordered, for some really weird reason for the last three years , we keep getting all kinds of magazines for full subscriptions, when they run out, another one comes, in my name and our youngest daughters name. We cannot figure it out. No charge, just keep getting them.  Things we would never order , fashion magazines, excercise ones, some cooking ones, they change every years. We even got O magazine for a year. So, here they are piled. Not sure what I will do with them. Many are still in the bags they come in. They are under the black patterned box sitting on the cream valances  I hope to put up in here eventually.

so, that is where I am. Trying to get my bearings and get going on my Etsy shop again. So, probably in the next few days I will get some listings done.




































































I would love to hear what you think !!!

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