What a mess …..

Ha, when you think things are a mess and can only get better, wham, life shows you how silly that thought was !!

We are in the middle of moving our youngest son back home, and while his sister and her family were living here, we had rented a storage unit and he is taking it over for the stuff he is not bringing back to the house so all but the big stuff we had in there  came back home. That meant all the boxes I packed when I moved from this big studio into the small one I shared with my husband. Yikes. It is great, more stuff to sell. But what a mess.


So, I have found a lot of inventory I made 20 years ago and even further back then that. Lots of fun old stuff and most of it is going on Etsy asap. I took  hundreds of pictures yesterday and today and then I will start listing after I post this.

So, back to square one. But it is okay. I will stuff my shop and sell , sell, sell. I want to clear out the studio and fill up the bank account. Then I can work on the bead work I love and inspires me. But I have a long , long , long, way to go !!!

Here are some  pictures I took of old inventory I plan to list asap. I made a lot fun felt items many years ago, before I got into jewelry as much. I was doing some of the seed bead jewelry back then, but nothing like I have done these past few years.

candy corn, bats, hand painted ghosts, turkeys and applesdscn6498dscn6500dscn6501I had some little wood pigs and geese and made up some cute magnets. painted them and added some glitter and bows. Magnet on the back. I have one or two more pigs, no bows, and at least one  geese, no bows. img_0009

LONG TIME AGO I made these. Cut out eggs from some fabric I got somewhere, glued them on felt, added fabric paint around a edge and a pin back.


some candy cane pendants I painted, outlined in marker and put ribbon on for necklaces. Many years ago !!!



I made these snow men at least 20 years ago. I made up 100 for a special order, along with 100 candy corn, did not get money up front and then they canceled once they were all done. I have a few for my own use, and these are the rest that are left. I have sold some, and gave away most over the years. They usually have beads as buttons, but they were missing some, so I took them off. dscn6445

at a thrift store found a bunch of stuff from a craft store, and made these pins.


some old earrings from my earliest days on Etsy, eight or so years ago. Not quite as old as some stuff, but they survived my purging and taking apart jewelry projects because they were packed away. The green and clear pair  are acrylic the rest are glass beads. img_0081img_0083

Cute little tea pot earrings made from glass lampwork beads, with pink crystals and green fire polished glass beads. I did not know I still had a pair of them around. img_0052

The silver plated ear wires need polishing,but they are new and never used. Stored in little bags for years. All glass and glass pearl. The white might actually be real pearls, with crystal beads on top that have an ab finish. img_0056

bought a bag of these cute , clear bunnies. They snapped apart and I filled them with glitter and glue. I had used a glow in the dark on some, the ones that are gold, but over the years, many years, that feature stopped working and they turned into a rich gold color, and then the others are silver glitter. So, silver and gold glitter bunnies. They are glued shut, but you can tie a ribbon or string on the loop on top.


back shot of the bunnies. img_0076

I have also got dozens of pieces  of old jewelry in small lots for people to pick up at a good price to either use as is, or take apart and make something from the pieces. Took lots of those pictures too !!

I have so much of this stuff, so I  have taken hundreds of pictures and will have dozens of listings !!!


just some random stuff people can use in their projects. I love the really old rock bracelet !! The waffle earrings are gorgeous, look like gold, but are Avon. A little pin that looks like a tie bar and some other fun things. dscn6269

I had to retake the next one as I found the other red earring.


pretty pendant and nice either glass pearls or could be freshwater pearls, they are knotted and very heavy weight and nice quality. dscn6283

some fun old earrings !! some wear and staining, but figured maybe someone would want them. Fabric over metal. dscn6307

all metal earrings, the black with white dots are suprising heavy weight , a nice set !! dscn6292


some pretty acrylic zebra earrings. These earrings are all vintage things from the 80s, bought a big lot a few years ago all from an estate and all 80s vintage stuff. A lot of these items are from that lot. A few are not, but a good amount of what I will be listing, came from that bit lot I purchased at one time. dscn6302

So, that is what I am up to now. I will be listing a lot of vintage stuff.

Thanks for stopping by ,


2 responses to “What a mess …..”

  1. Wow, what a collection. You are one prolific crafter. Good luck, vintage is in, so you should do well!!

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  2. All that old stuff was so much work all those years ago, but I never could just get rid of of it. This is my push to empty out all the old. I have so many things I want do do, and try , but I have all this old stuff weighing me down. I am hoping to unload a lot of it as I know someone can use it all and I am listing it cheap as an incentive and hope listing it cheap does not back fire on me !!! All the boxes in here from storage are more stuff I either bought to resell or had in the studio before I had to share the little room.
    I hope you are right, I really want to clear it all out !!!


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