Almost there …….

I am so excited !! Yesterday our youngest son helped me take down my wall shelves in the studio I shared with my husband and today we hung them up in my new studio !! I am so happy !! Tomorrow I will be able to load them back up and get them organized , one more step towards being done.

I plan to paint the drawers on the dresser below with chalk paint and go through all our vintage glass knobs and replace those big wood knobs once they are painted with pretty vintage , more dainty knobs .

shelves are up !!
love the light and view from this door !!
so much to put away !!
view of studio, so much light even on a dreary day like today
my old computer set up for some work and the kids to use
my work table
my new computer for just me.
beads and stuff to put on the shelf tomorrow
another view of the beads and stuff I had stored on the shelves
So, I do have some stations  , all like items together, but I have a lot of stuff that needs to be gone through and organized. I am looking forward to doing that soon  and finally getting this studio completely set up !! I think by the end of the month I should be there, or early next month !!

Thanks for stopping by !!


6 responses to “Almost there …….”

  1. I LOVE it Stephie! I’m SO happy for you! There’s nothing like having a creative space all your own! Congratulations…it’s looking good!

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  2. Your space looks wonderful, Stephie. I do love all that light. Can’t wait to see your fully integrated, organized studio!

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  3. Thanks so much both of you !!! I got the beads up on the shelf this morning and still have the top shelf empty. I cannot reach that shelf easily, so it is the shelf the stuff I do not need much, or decorative stuff lives. I have all my beading books from the other room to deal with as well. I need my big gray shelf in here. I am kind of stuck until that shelf is moved, but I need help to move that huge piece. With our son moving in and so much to do in the rooms he needs, I am not sure if it will get done soon or not. Kind of frustrated, but my poor hubby is doing the best he can and our son is helping all he can with a busy work schedule !! Our daughter who is home now, is pregnant, so she cannot help me, so ………

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    1. I say borrow a dolly from someone. You might even be able to rent one from U-Haul for a couple bucks for the day. Keep up the great work!

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  4. It is more of a take it apart and move it thing. It is really big, something for a garage and our hallway and door jams are not big enough to get it out one door and around and into the door in the next room without some dismantling . BUT, David told me today that I have to wait anyway as he has to have it out of the way for some work he has to do in here , so I am not going to have that shelf for up to a month. No. Matter. What. A friend has to help him with some stuff and the shelf would be in the way and once in place I will not want to unload and move it again, so I have to wait until they can get it done in the next month. I am so disappointed !!! I will work on organizing and putting away what I can for now. Lots of trays to be put back in bead boxes, that kind of stuff. I have the drawers to the dresser to paint with chalk board paint, along with the closet door panels, so ,there is other stuff I can work on for now.
    So, very disappointing, but he really is trying his best to get it done for me, I just have to be patient. Not my strongest quality, ha !!!

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    1. I totally understand! When I get an idea, I want it done then. At least you have some other projects to occupy your time. Try to have fun and enjoy the process. It’ll be superb when it gets done!


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