New year, new studio, new start !!!

I always love the start of a new year. Such promise, such enthusiasm, so much to look forward to.

I am excited to be back up in my big front room at the start of this new year. I am not totally moved in yet, my big metal shelf and my wall shelves are still in my old studio. I am a bit stuck until my husband can get them moved. He is working overtime a lot right now and h as a lot of stuff around the house on  his plate to get the house ready for our youngest son to move back home for a bit.

Our youngest daughter and her family recently moved out after about a year and a half living with us. He is moving back home to save up and decide what he is going to do  next. So, we are tearing up the house a bit, new carpet and paint, and getting it ready for him to move in end of the month. Unfortunately that makes my studio last on the list at this point.

I would try to do it myself, but they are really long wood shelves, I think five feet,  and I had a heck of a time trying to put up some short wood shelves on my own. Our walls are solid wood shiplap and very old ,94 year old,  very hard wood. It was very difficult for me to balance the short shelves, and get the drill to go through the old wood.The son who is moving in can help me, and I just talked to him about it, but he works full time and has a drive to and from , so his hours are limited as well !! We are going to work hard to take some burden off of my husband so he can concentrate on what he has to get done !!!

So, I am hoping by the end of the month I will be completely set up and ready to go !! I am so happy to be up in this bright and light filled room and I am ready to get to work !!

During the holidays our oldest son and new wife were here to visit and they and his kids, who live in our town with their mom,  stayed with us for two weeks. Not long before they left to go back to Seattle we took them to Fort Worth for the day. Leave it to me to find something with sequins that I want to make !!!

I fell in love with this pink tree. I would love to  have a small one like this in my studio one day. But this pretty pink sequin ornament caught my eye !! I know I could make one, so that is my goal, I plan to make some of these this year !! I love it !! I just thought this window was so pretty !!! My husband was not as impressed !!!

Well, I hope the new year is starting well for everyone. I am pretty happy with our new year. On a diet to finally get  my health and weight where it needs to be. New studio, new carpet in our front living room, hallway and the bedroom across the hall from my studio !! Plus we will be starting up the kitchen reno again soon. This year it will be finished, and by summer if I have anything to do with it !! Our son has promised to help with that reno as well !!! With a 94 year old house, there is always a long list, and we hope to shorten it at least  a bit this year !!

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