Ready, set, and go !!!!

I am so beyond excited. My new studio is almost empty, just a small corner of the kids stuff, which they will pick up today and a piece of art they love is still on the wall above their pile of stuff to go. Now, the living room is a different story, but they will have all that out in the next few days.

Here is a glimpse of my room, did I say I am excited ?

In the first one you can see  the kids stuff in the corner, but I was able to vacuum most of the room, still have to do next to the pile as a desk was there that I moved after I vacuumed. Our daughter is letting me borrow her cute little desk until I find one I love. The big black desk I have now will become a work table along with the big white work table I have already.


The cute little desk is where I will be moving my computer to soon. With my hubby working 12 hours all weekend, and eight hours overtime today so  unfortunately nothing big will get moved until Monday as  when he gets home this afternoon from work, he is  helping the kids move the stuff in the studio and as much as they can from the packed living room and the little girls room. They used two bedrooms and the front formal living while they were here along with the hallway bathroom. We had the one bedroom next to this big studio in the front of the house and then our master suite with our own little full bathroom,  and a small family room in the back of the house  to ourselves. We shared the kitchen and laundry room.


Look at all those windows, twice what I have here. Plus the french door !! It is sealed shut at the moment, but once we get the front porch leveled again, it needs to be shimmed, that door will be able to be used. The front door works so that is fine for now. Come spring I will want that door to work,and sooner if possible so I do not have to go through our sons living room to get the mail, but we have  some time . He will not be moving in until Feb 1.

I started moving a few things in. The big white table will be from next to the two rolling blue and white drawers to just past the window. The other will go from the front door to where the step stool is sitting. Wanted to make sure I could get into those shelves, so set it where the black work table would end .


My tv will hang where the picture of the kids is on the wall with a med tall bookcase underneath, and starting at the closet door my big bead shelves will get hung, leaving almost two feet to the corner so I can move the tv around. Clost starts just past the edge of the picture. But along that wall and not sure what will be below it. img_0960

this next picture will have the new desk, a file cabinet, my huge metal shelf in the corner by the door, facing the window opposite, and then a small metal table that is next to the desk for storage.


img_0961 img_0962

It is embarrassing how much stuff I have added in the year and a half since I left this room to share the middle room with my husband. We had both been in this room, but had just decided to move him into the smaller room next door, he loves that room, and I love this one, but the kids needed to move in and so we gave them the front , bigger room as it made more sense.

He is just as excited to get this room to himself for his stained glass and a computer of his own, he has never had a pc, but we kept our old one and he is going to use it for his glass patterns and for his photography. It is going to be a huge job just getting me out of here. Our son and his new wife are visiting for Christmas and will be getting in end of next week , so not sure how much will get done while they are here, but I am sure they will have plans with his kids, our grandkids, and we can work on those days. They are both  stationed in the Seattle area with the army ,so he comes out to spend time with the kids, us,and the other three siblings !

So, I am extremely excited, but completely overwelmed. I have a lot of stuff to move. Lots of tiny stuff to move. Lots of stuff not put away to move. I have no place to put it. But I will have a lot more storage in this new room. I will also not only have the two big 60 by 30 inch work tables but a kitchen table and four chairs in the middle of the room. That way the kids can play in here, I have a place to eat when I work  and our youngest child/  son who is moving back home  for a year or so and will be using the front living room for his living room, and the little girls old room for his bedroom , will be able to use it when his friends come over to play a game, or to eat. I am never in that room  after about six, and it is right next door to his living room, so that will be a useful table for all of us !! I can feed the grand kids in there too when they are over for the day.

David is thrilled to have this room for him. He can haul his light table back in and have access to it for his stained glass and have room to build himself a big work table for laying out his stained  glass. So, we are both excited !! It will affect me more, he is not in his room as often as I am, but maybe he will be when he has room to move, I kind of took over the room, okay, I totally took over the room and he has no room to move !!

So, I am ready, and moving some things in slowly, but it will take a week or two to get me completely moved in. We have to set up the living room for the adults, and the girls room for the kids to stay in for their visit. After that is done, we can work on my studio.

So, off to move more things in the room, even if they get moved around later, they have to get out of here asap !!

Thanks for stopping by !! I hope everyone is having a good Christmas season, it is speeding toward us at lightning speed , that is for sure !!


4 responses to “Ready, set, and go !!!!”

  1. I’m happy for you, Stephie. You and your hubby are so generous to give all who need it a place to land and thrive when they need to. I’m glad you’re getting your creating space back. Please post progress pics. Best of luck to you.


    1. Thanks Linda, I am so beside myself with excitement to get it all set up. Just having most everything in here, and a lot put away, and the computer in here has made a huge difference. So much more light which is wonderful !!! I promise to post pictures as soon as I get it a bit more picked up !!!


    1. Thanks so much Robin !!! I am going to share pictures as soon as it is a bit neater , but wow, it is pretty exciting !!! I have never had so much space all to myself !!


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