Starting to take off !!!

I did not mean to be away so long. I have been working on getting my pretties into my Etsy shop. It is finally starting to pay off !!

Since the start of November I have had 502 views, 109 of my items marked as someones favorite, and 9 orders, under a hundred bucks, but I am getting closer and closer to that goal, and I hope to keep going so I can well exceed it each month !! I would LOVE to make 200 to 300 a month, that would be a wonderful goal to hit, and if over time, as I list more things, I can make more, I would be thrilled !!

I have 150 items in my shop, well, minus the nine I just sold, so  it was 150 when I went to bed last night, but it is 141 tonight !! I will make sure to get it back up to 150 and then shoot for 200. I have so many things to list I know I can get to the thousands easily !!

I feel silly that I never knew I could print out shipping labels before this. I am not really sure how I finally noticed it, but I did , finally !! I can mail stuff out even the days my husband has the car, we just run up when he gets home and drop it in the box , or he can drop it on his way to work, either way !! The lobby of the post office is open until just before midnight,11:59 pm,  so if it is late or the weather is bad and I am concerned about it , I can run in and drop it off in  there. It sounds silly, but this makes my shop and filling orders so much easier !! I can get it out to my customers same day without fail, which is thrilling to me , and I am sure to them as well !!!

I am going to be listing a lot of really fun , quirky stuff. Game pieces, unique and one of a kind stuff, lot of new product I never used, and someone else might love it and want it. I want to get out all the stuff I am not using so I can concentrate on making things with the sequins, seed beads, felt and a few other things I love. I want to have less to deal with and want to be able to work on my writing and actual artwork, as well as photography. I want to do some things I can see about getting into the gallery in our town run by our local art group. I think that sounds so fun and the fact if you are hung in the gallery  you ” have ” to serve 4 hours a month in the gallery makes it even more exciting to me !! I would happily do that so I can meet and talk to interesting people who also love art !!

So, it looks like 2017 is shaping up to be a fun year for me, some fun family stuff, my art, and now my shop starting to do well, plus, fingers crossed, our new kitchen is finally finished and we can mark that off our list !! It is not so new now, Facebook just reminded me we put in the cabinets a year ago this week…… So, we need to get it done. Life , and mainly overtime got in the way this year. When he is not home, he cannot work on the house !!

So, sorry I was gone for so long, I will try very hard to not do that again !! I absolutely love writing this blog and love when I see people are reading !!

If you are looking for interesting things to use in your crafts or jewelry, keep a watch on my shop and feel free to convo me there if you are looking for something special !! Link is on the right side of this page !!

here are some new listings !! A tiny bottle filled with seed beads, you can see how big the beads look in the bottle, so you know it is a tiny bottle !! I plan to do these in many colors, and listed a bunch of choices, but I have to pick my battle and did a Christmas one for now to show. I wire wrapped it in a silver plated wire.


a good friend, who is also a customer, purchased three of my charm bracelets. The first two were heavy, 30 charms each and they were too heavy for her, so she had me take a white, and a blue bracelet apart, and only put half the charms back on, and then take the left overs and make a blue and white bracelet, these are the charms left over. Figured someone could use them. I hate to take apart all that work !!


a very weird lense , vintage, that eye doctors used for something !! It is a reddish pink glass tube, and the black lense seems to be frosted or treated glass, with a long opening or hole under the glass tube. The brass work alone is beautiful. I am hoping a steam punk maker will come along and have to have this really unique piece !!


Glass tag. Literally a tag made of glass. Smooth edges and rippled on the bottom, glossy flat on top, this picture shows the bottom. I have them in several sizes, colors and shapes to still list.


Here I offer up the world for sale. A tiny little globe. Very cute. Think it is metal, but could be plastic, and the texture with the paper or map coating makes it hard to figure out


Just a few things I listed. I wanted to show you the creepy bunny pin , but I cannot find the pictures I took. It is a vintage, creepy looking bunny pin !! I figured someone would appreciate it , not sure I do !!! It was in a big lot of fun old vintage jewelry I had bought a year or two ago !!

I will be back soon. If not before Thanksgiving, then Happy Thanksgiving !!! I hope you have a wonderful day !!


6 responses to “Starting to take off !!!”

  1. Yeah!!! SO proud of you!

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  2. Thanks Krista, happy to hear from you !!! How are things going with you and your family ?

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    1. Been SUPER busy! Things are good-took an Insurance course last week. Prepping for my 2 exams. Looking forward to having the family together for Thanksgiving! How are things in your world?


  3. Going great !! Like you, busy !! Things are really going good and we are looking forward to the holidays as well !!
    How exciting for you, what a wonderful career to be starting !!!! If I were to go back to work, that is one that I would consider as well. I will be sending thoughts and prayers that your exams go well and it is a fun and profitable new path for you !!!


  4. Way to go Stephie. It looks like you have found your niche. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Keep moving forward!!


    1. Thanks so much !!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too !!!!


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