Fun new project !!!

I finally got all my materials ready to play with !! I want to make kits for people to make vintage beaded ornaments. I have been able to purchase some old vintage satin , styrafoam balls with the loop on top, they were simple ornaments many years ago. However many people enjoyed doing simple to really extravagant decorations on them for their tree.

I have sequins and seed beads galore, but also purchased not only the vintage satin balls, but vintage ribbon, and some gold foil seals , along with some gorgeous pins ,  including some really fancy boutonniere pins. Those are usually used at the bottom of the ornament strung with some  some beads , sometimes several of them, sometimes just one.

Here are my new goodies , along with many things I already had !!!

lets start with all the pins, from simple on top to add some sequins with a seed bead to hold on ribbon or the seals  , to the  fancier ones , both short and long, to make all kinds of decorations on the ornament !!

img_0343 img_0336 img_0337 img_0339 img_0340 img_0341


img_0351 img_0345 img_0346 img_0347 img_0348 img_0350

The last ones are literally sequin ribbon. Sequins sewn together to form a ribbon. Pretty fabulous stuff !!! I have other colors too, but these are the ones for the ornaments !!!

the foil seals , paper with a metallic finish. The round ones are vintage, the rest are not. Hard to find, took me a while and I picked some fun ones, chickens, kittens, along with Santas, stars and poinsettia baskets !!

img_0380 img_0373 img_0374 img_0375 img_0376 img_0377 img_0378 img_0379

seed beads, just a drop in my seed bead bucket, but I picked out Christmas colors and colors that accented the different colors of ornaments I have , pink, green , red, white, blue, and gold.

img_0352 img_0354 img_0353 img_0356 img_0355

Next ,  Sequins !!!

img_0368 img_0369 img_0370 img_0365 img_0366 img_0367 img_0349

The most important part, the vintage satin ornaments. Sadly the gold ones I bought turned out to be hard plastic, so I have to use glue to decorate them, but I will replace them with styrafoam ones.

img_0364 img_0361 img_0362 img_0363

Most of the ornaments are the smaller ones, only the white and gold are the three inch the rest are 2 1/2 , but the gold are not going to be used in the kits, so I am hoping I can find the bigger ones. The smaller sizes are easier to find. I have feelers out on a few different sets, but wrote to the sellers to make sure they are foam. Hope to have gold, and another soft pink.

So, what do you think ? Do you remember these ornaments ? I cannot wait to make up my sample for the listing !!!

Thanks for stopping by !!!







































































































































































I would love to hear what you think !!!

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