whew, I am exhausted

I am trying to hard to navigate this new tech world, but somedays I get so frustrated by it all !!

I can write and receive emails, write on this blog, load products on to Etsy and shop online and search for stuff. All the basics.

Problem is anything other than that !!

I got a business iphone in August and then the girl who signed me up got me a gmail account for the business, and set up my apple ID on the new phone using this email. So, I put all the info in the phones notes, so, no worries.

Ah, yeah. I got on today to look at new web hosts, and I needed to use an email, so I opened the phone, looked in notes and WHAT !!! NOTHING IS THERE. NOTHING. IS. THERE. I was horrified. So, I got on g mail to fix it, they say I do not have the account I know I had. That I knew, the email address, but nope, it is not in my name, and low and behold when I try to get that name, it is taken. Of course, probably by me, but I cannot find it. So, I get a new one. No problem. Go to add a gmail app to my phone, they want the sign in and I have no idea what it is , other than the email that they show, which is the exact email I know I got, that gmail says I do not have. But no password and I have no clue what I chose. So, I open a new apple account , great, now I can start fresh.

NOPE again. The old one is still there on the phone, and I cannot get it off of there, and there is no way to log on with that email I know is mine , that they say is no mine.

So, hours later, I have really gotten no where. I finally sent a message to Apple and will see what they say.

So, after all this, found a host site I wanted, put in all the info and it is doing nothing. NOTHING. So, I am a bit ticked off at this time. Nothing I wanted to accomplish is done and I feel like an idiot.

So, Now I am mentally trashed and done for the day. I might try to load some more on Etsy, but I am taking a late lunch break at this point. My and my puppy are going to watch tv and decompress for a bit. She is not stressed, but I am. She is a puppy, she is sleeping !! She has no cares, lol !!


So, off to eat lunch, but I did get some great stuff in my shop if you want to check it out. I am up to something like 84 items.

Just needed to vent. I am home alone and though the quiet is nice, there is no one but the dog to talk to !!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend !!


2 responses to “whew, I am exhausted”

  1. You poor thing! I feel your pain! Hang in there…it’ll get better. šŸ˜„


    1. Thanks so much Krista, it aleady is !!! After taking off a few minutes to write an email to a friend, I had a brainstorm and was able to change the apple ID on the phone. What a relief. I usually do not give up, but I had to take a break, I had just had it by that point !! Now I still have to get the old web hosting canceled and figure out a new one and keep listing on Etsy for now !!!


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