Getting set up !!!

I had purchased a domain name of Sequins and silver, but did not like the hosting site so I fired them. I am now a domain with no host, so pretty well useless. I have something called an SSL certificate that goes with the domain but have no clue what in the world that is and how to use it I was going to find another host, but Etsy now offers web sites you can hook to your Etsy shop and as you load on Etsy, it loads on the shop. Not sure yet if I will use it or find another host site, but for now, I am figuring it out.

Volusion is probably a good fit for many people but listing items was like pulling teeth. I was miserable and only got about five items loaded on and still could not figure out the darn shipping. It was horrible. I have too many small items and you had to weigh them for shipping and give them an inventory number. I am used to shipping profiles on Etsy and they did not offer that, so shipping was a nightmare for someone like me selling tons of small items at different weights.

So, I am listing into my Etsy store again, but now it is also called Sequins and Silver, or sequinsandsilver, as they do not allow you to seperate the words. I need to get a header up so I can put my name in seperate words, but have no clue how to make one with the words so I am a bit frustrated with that situation !! I am still working on figuring it out. I have never had classes on the computer so anything more than simple stuff , I am out of my element !!

I do feel better having cut Volusion out, like I said, perfect for many websites, great service, they did nothing wrong, it is just not for what I sell.

So, I have been listing a few things, and working on getting the studio organized as a lot has come in for the shop, so that took work. But I think I am getting there and my shop is getting fuller. I think I have over 50 items now. I will fix the link as soon as I post this, so my Etsy shop will be correct on the link

I think this is it, but not sure. I have to see after I post if this link works or not.

I am totally destashing my studio. I plan to sell most of what I have except for the sequins I purchased for my own use , and there are a lot ,  all my  seedbeads, felt,both my vintage  buck and doe skin and vintage porcupine quills,as I love doing American Indian style jewelry,  and oddly enough ,vintage  pipe cleaners I have for my own personal use. I am not sure if I will be keeping any non seed  beads or not. I do have many sequins I bought to resell, many vintage ones to resell, and then I am going to be listing kits for felt ,sequin and beaded ornaments and some of the old satin ball ornaments as well. I have picked up everything to create those wonderful old beaded satin ball ornaments and just have to play a bit to make some kits with the stuff I bought.

Here are some of the things I have listed or plan to list soon. Starting with the pretty beads that are my featured image before you opened the post up to read. They are gray and white and I think are a plastic but have a neat feel to them and are so pretty. I have a ton of them. I will be listing a few lots of those pretty beads.

Some tiny little hinges, they are metal, but for scrapbooking too, so I have the yellow brads to hold them onto paper, I did not pick the picture that had them in it.



an old cloth measuring tape, got at an antique shop It is complete, just worn.



Copper , not sure what to call it, but they are actually the fins for a radiator. My husband many years ago worked at a place that made radiators and got some of this copper. He made a couple of paper weights, which is what is shown, but I am selling it by the foot. I figured some creative person would figure out what to do with this pretty copper stuff. It can be flattened out. I will sell it mostly flattened  by the foot.


watch cases, and some are just the ring around the face. Bought a big lot of watch parts and these were part of it, not going to use now, but someone might have just the project for them !!! Wind chimes, jewelry, or multi media art. Lots of great uses for them.



decoupaged acorns from our back yard. I used an old dictionary I cut up  for crafts, and cut out both the word acorn, and its phonic spelling. I did these a few years ago.


teeny tiny cups. An old bracelet I took apart , most had bad damage but these are mostly intact, maybe some have small chips but most are in good shape and just too cute to not share !! Might put the rest in a big lot, for multimedia art they would be great !!



img_0323 img_0325

Some pretty metal pieces for jewelry. Vintage. Some more I have are out of the package in two sizes.


Some bead groupings I did , still have to do some other colors, yellow, white and clear, black , pink, red, and some holiday combos like greens and reds, also red, white and blue, Halloween blacks and oranges, some with holiday charms, some with findings added as well . I figure for people who want a variety but do not have room for all the boxes I have, it gives them a nice variety of stone in some, glass and stone in others. I have literally thousands of beads,I have  69 of those 19  compartment boxes. That is 1311 kinds of beads but some cubbys are more than one kind of bead, so , without a doubt, I have a lot of beads. Think about that. If there were only 25 beads per cubby I would have  a minimum of 32.775 beads. Most cubbys have many more than that . Some have less, but I would venture a guess that I have at a minimum  double to  triple that amount, could be even as much as  around 100,00 beads.Especially  counting some not in those  boxes as well.  I still have 22 if those same boxes  of  seed beads, mainly vintage But NONE of those are  for sale, along with  a shoe box size photo box filled with seed beads that are also  mine and not for sale , and then another aprox 28 or so of the boxes of charms,chains ,  and findings to sell. I do have seed beads put aside for the ornament kits.

This does not include all the tubs and boxes of stuff and trays with stuff . I have a LOT Of stuff. I am ready to just clean it all out. I am done with making jewelry , even for myself. I want to get this studio cleaned out so I can work more on writing, drawing and painting, photography, along with my seed beads and sequins. I will be making my seed bead jewelry still , that is something I love. I got away from my passions when I was trying to make money. Now, I just want to simplify my life a bit and get back to being creative. So, I have a lot of goodies for people who are either starting out and need a variety, or who do not have the space for big lots of the same thing, or who are doing a project and need some beads for that project.

blues , all stone



autumn color with a few purple thrown in stone and glass



oranges, stone and glass


green, glass and stone


So, that is what I am up to these days. Exited to have a plan !!! An exit plan to some degree although I will continue to create and share. I think once I lighten the load I will be more creative. Sometimes too much stuff holds you back, or pins you down and you are just not as free to create.

We will also be adding a lot of stain glass elements, maybe to this etsy shop, maybe a different one. Kits to make things, patterns we have designed, with and without the glass cut out for it. We have plans for some pattern books. Scraps of glass, and shapes cut out. Lots of copper foiled pendents and connectors. We have a lot of vintage glass we will use for many of those projects. Some of it pretty old stuff too !! Those will be things we continue to do as well.

This is just some of our vintage glass, we have an entire nice sized panel that is in pieces that could be quite old with very pretty glass. It is packed away right now until we have room for it  !!

DSCN0458 DSCN0461 DSCN0444 DSCN0436


Well, back to listing on Etsy. I will make sure I get the link fixed on the side bar.
Thanks so much  for stopping by !!! I will be back soon with more of what I am up to !!


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  1. I have found the website Canva very helpful for making banners, etc for blog and Etsy shop. Have you tried them? I use their free service stuff.

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    1. Etsy sent me there but I had a hard time with it and gave up ! I will give it another try !! Thanks !!


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