Getting started !!

If you head on over to my Etsy shop you will see I am loading it up with all kinds of handmade findings like these

IMG_0210 (640x480) IMG_0230 (640x480)

IMG_0201 (640x480)


I am also starting to list the vintage sequins, I have over 2 thousand bags to list. I am excited to be getting started.

This is also a big destash for me as well. So, you will find a lot of my own goodies up for sale, and hundreds to go. Once my new web site is up I will have a lot of things there, but that will be weeks and I wanted to get a head start !!

Check out the link on the right for my Etsy site and see what I have been up to, and keep checking back, I will be adding stuff each day as well as working on projects for friends and family, you know who you are !!!

Be back soon with more….

































2 responses to “Getting started !!”

  1. Keep going, you can do this!!!

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    1. Thanks Maya !! It is a bit scary but I am determined to get this new version of my Etsy shop off the ground. Kind of rethinking the website as I do not like all the extra stuff you have to input to list your items. Weight, invoice numbers, stuff I do not need or want. The shipping is another nightmare, cannot just set shipping profiles like on Etsy. Did not do my homework. I might have wasted my money on this hosting site, so I may just eat it and find another hosting site for my domain that is more user friendly. In my defense, I could not look at all that until I had the site, and it never dawned on me I would not have control over the site. I own the domain, but I am not happy with this hosting site. So, for now, I will work on my Etsy shop. Got a lot to list for sure !!

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