Beading Thread Bounty !!

I have been beading with seed beads and sequins for well over 20 years, probably about 26 now. When I started out white tread was it. No other options available in the craft stores , and because back in the late 1980’s there was not option of ordering online, that was it. I finally found black and then over the years , especially as the internet became a thing, I was able to find some colors and purchased every single color I could get my hands on. I thought that was it. No other options and then I found a bounty of threads on Amazon, wow, 36 vibrant colors, some I had never had, like yellow and orange and teal and so many others. I ordered them and when they came, I was not disapointed, wow !!



Some of the colors I had, certain blues, browns, tans and of course white and black. Some of the pinks and purples were similiar but overall I had a bigger palette of beautiful and rich colors for my bead work.

Here are all my threads , a huge collection and I did order a second set of the new tubes so that I have plenty for a long time. I know things can disapear and they will not go bad if I buy them, some of my thread is almost 30 years old, so I figured I would get them while they were a good price, on average ,  a buck a spool out the door, and at 77 feet are bigger than the , I believe 64 feet spools I was using. The smaller spools on average cost me 1.25 to 1.40 each plus shipping, so this is a really great deal . The big white spool is my oldest one, at least 25 years old. You can see from the much newer black spool  how big it was back then. I have a couple of smaller spools and the tiny white and b lack, which are also a lot older too.. I did order a large white spool yesterday. I know I will probably not use it for a while, but they are hard to find and I got the same one I have for a good price. I jumped on it. So, with all these threads, I will not need any, no matter how much I bead for many years to come. Seed beads and sequins, I will always add new colors, need, probably not, but want, I will always want to add new colors. I just ordered a huge order of seed beads, but I am changing over to the TOHO beads, much more  uniform that the beads I have that are almost 30 years old. Those work well for beaded ornaments, holding a sequin onto the piece does not require uniform beads, so I will use the more uniform for actual beadwork. Earrings, bracelets and so on. I am very excited to be getting back into my true bead love, working with those wonderful seed beads and my beloved sequins.

IMG_0183 IMG_0184


here are some of the colors broken down. New in the tube, old ones in front !

IMG_0182 IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0160 IMG_0162 IMG_0166 IMG_0168 IMG_0171 IMG_0173 IMG_0180


I am so excited with all these wonderful colors. I am going to enjoy using each and every one of them !!! I have a lot of projects lined up, will share them in another post after I  post this one.

Thanks for stopping by !!


5 responses to “Beading Thread Bounty !!”

  1. Fantastic stash!!! Love the new colors! Crafting has come such a long way since the 80’s…LOL!!! I have been looking for the correct size of thread to use with seed beads. What are the dimensions?


  2. I love the dark purple the best, though it’s shame to cover up the pretty purple thread….


  3. I am not sure what the official size of this thread is Krista, it is made by Beadsmith and I got all 36 spools with Amazon Prime for 36 bucks out the door, but the old thread I have is size D and the big spools are size O. The new stuff is called S-Lon bead cord. but it is a thread. It is sure pretty, but the old fashioned stuff is still good, not sure what the brand is, most bead stores online sell it for 1.40 a spool or two for around 2.80, so same price. I built my collection of thread over almost 20 years and the old stuff is as good as new. So, that is the good thing, when you buy it, you can use it forever, it stays nice. I keep it in a box and in baggies to keep it from getting dusty. My big black spool got dusty and now I have to figure out what to do , but I suppose each strand will be find as you handle it any dust will fall off.
    Luckily Linda, in most beadwork with sead beads and sequins , or even sead beaded earrings, you will see the thread. Using that gorgeous purple with a contrasting color would show off that rich purple, which I love too !!
    That is why you want colors for the projects, the thread does show and you want it to either blend in , or stand out !!!!


  4. Great colors. Great photos. Is it bad that I am like Pavlov’s dog and start to drool when I see all that lovely beading thread???


    1. Me too, I was so excited to find all these beautiful colors that I bought two full sets of them !!! I beaded with limited colors for so long, it is a huge treat to have so many pretties to use now !!!


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