A bit adrift …..

I know the image shown has nothing to do with jewelry, but wanted to share a pretty shot of our yard  and our beautiful wisteria !!!

On to the post !!

It is a strange feeling to let something go after around 25 years of pursuing it. The fact that I did pursue it for so long and never really got anywhere is also why I felt I needed to let it go.

I have been a bit adrift. Not really sure what to do with myself.

I cannot remember the name of the song, but I heard it the other day and one line stood out to me,it went something like this, I have  nothing to do, and all day to do it , something like that, and that is how I feel right now. I have nothing to do and all day to do it. Weird feeling. I am used to creating jewelry , taking pictures, blogging about it and listing those items. It filled my days pretty full.

I am still working on projects with my customer turned friend on her wonderful tassels, but we seem to be both having issues that keep us from going forward as fast as we want, although I have told her I am not upset about it because I will be very sad when we are done with the last one !!! We are luckily not on the last project yet though !!  I am very grateful I will have her  friendship when we are done with the tassels , but we have so much fun creating her projects it will be sad the day we are done !!

So, I am blogging now on my other page,  www.ourcutevintagecottage.com as we work on our 92 year old house . I will always post here as I work on any projects for myself, or friends, or any custom orders I get. I am still going to work when I can. I am just done with making up inventory that just sits and never sells. As it is I have a ton of stuff to sell and not sure how to sell it. I really hate to take it all apart, so I will think on that for a while.

I appreciate every person who follows me and I will not leave you stranded. I will be posting on average a few times a month on my own projects and things I am working on. I still have the Grace Kelly bracelet to figure out and lots of things I want to do for myself. So, I promise I will not completely disappear. But I will be on the other site as well. I think I have a link on the side of this page , and will make sure I do after I post this.

Thanks for being there for me, and I am looking forward to what comes next. It is still a mystery to me !!!


One response to “A bit adrift …..”

  1. Life is in stages Stephie, I wish you all the best in whatever you do!


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