Last day of the year !!!

It is so amazing to me that we are enjoying the last hours of 2015. Wow. It has been a busy year around here so I thought I would go through my year and post some picture high lights of 2015 !!

Jan and Feb

My husband and I attended the Bead Market up in the Dallas area. I also ordered a lot of really interesting things to work with on Etsy !!! Beads, charms, findings, many not shown here along with really unique and interesting items like vintage keys, old lenses , fused glass tags, old game pieces and much more. Lots of fun things , lots of old watches and parts as well !!!

IMG_0090 DSCN9749 DSCN9744 DSCN9523 IMG_0039 DSCN9516

IMG_0077 IMG_0070 IMG_0072 IMG_0073


We had snow


our main line went out and we had no indoor plumbing for a long time while we got the money together and then had the plumber come out. Here my husband closest in the picture is helping him dig around the  sprinkler system !!


I bought these cool covers from my friend Bonnie !! I love them !!


March , April , Mayu
 our son in law who had been serious injured by a hit and run while jogging was finally doing much better !!


I came up with these mothers necklaces that had the birthstones and either number of the kids, or last intial of family or first intial of mom, his is my necklace, four kids, their birthstones and my intial !! Never sold a single one despite a lot of promotion by other blogs as well.

I also bought more fun items to work with , lockets, watches. I also did some steam punk jewelry and worked on my wire skills on this necklace, wire wrapping in a chain style red glass beads and making my own copper clasp.


DSCN9918 DSCN0612 DSCN0479 DSCN0665

more snow in March


my husband tore out our 90 year old cabinets and we ordered the new ones , note the pink countertops, way too narrow and we did not want a pink kitchen !!!


our roses bloomed, love the tiny pink roses over our gate , and they smell heavenly !!!

DSCN1446 DSCN1447

Found all kinds of neat vintage wallpaper on the ship lap under the panel in the kitchen, left it and covered with dry wall and green board to preserve it !!





Made was is now my favorite pair of earrings to wear !!


yard started to green up for the spring and summer !!




worked more on kitchen, our daughter, injured son in law and their girls all moved in so we painted a room and make if fun for the girls , they picked the colors. I will have to get a finished picture, it is a great room , the pink is a chalk board we painted !! and our daughter tore out the ugly pink carpet left over from the previous owner, we bought it 14 years ago, so it was well past the pull out stage, and she refinished the pretty pine floor in the room !!





Painted the front living room which will be t heirs once it is cleared out, still have cabinets for the kitchen and other boxes and stuff stored in it, but it should be empty soon so they can enjoy it


moved my studio into another room to give that big room to our daughter and her husband. It looks much better now, but my husbands side is still a pile, we are hoping to get to it soon !!

IMG_0350 IMG_0345

July made some wine charms, both w hich have sold !!

DSCN3234 DSCN3147

finished organizing the studio, well, my side !!! Its been rearraged a bit more, but this is pretty close to how it looks.

IMG_0504 IMG_0502 IMG_0501

made some bracelets , but none have sold yet.


listingsMA29920720-0003 listingsMA29920720-0001 listingsMA29920720-0002

September, made a lot of new items, none of which have sold

DSCN3664 DSCN3657finished up  my large pirate charm order. Three orders that ended up being 100 wine charms total. So fun to do !!



one of them finished, they all looked like this when done. Just different charms



kitchen is coming along. That one section is still the old stuff, the but corner and wall are done now


our daughter, her hubby and our grandaughters, getting settled in !! You can see the kitchen behind, the appliance boxes were still not opened yet !!


October and Halloween, the three girls, we have four other grandkids but have not asked permission to post their pictures, but our daughter gave permission for these !!


made some wine bottle charms



worked on big order with my friend/ customer, steam punk, so fun !!!


heavy rain




rented a cabinet in an antique store to sell my jewelry, the white one, and made some Christmas stuff to sell in it, only the red and green bracelet sold !! A few other small things but that was it

IMG_0482MA29963340-0002 IMG_0269 IMG_0256 IMG_0258 IMG_0266

no cabinets at that point, but at least we got the new stove set up !!! We can cook correctly again, here it is right out of the box, a very exciting moment !!

by the end of the month



December, finally got the cabinets up, have to move the small one down as it is too high for the microwave hood fan, we ahve since added a cabinet between teh corner unit and the pink old cabinet

IMG_5440 IMG_5446


still have so much to do, floors, sink, dishwasher, hood fan, counter tops, faucet, but we are getting there a step at a time.

finished up some hoops for our special order, designed and made some purse angels and sold 8 of them with some of my display wine glasses to a lady for a party, sold and made Santa earrings to my friend Linda over at Creative Artworks blog, made myself a beaded pin and earrings, in vintage colors, sold the pretty watch to the lady that owns the store I sell in !!

DSCN4643 IMG_0668 yourSantMA29968160-0003 DSCN4604 listingsMA29965300-0001

We had a nice Christmas, saw all four of our kids, and all seven grand kids and that is always wonderful. Daughter in law, ex techncially but we love her like our own, our ex son in law, and our son in law that lives with us , so a nice family day !!

and of course I bought stuff this month, way more than I am showing. Got the seed bead tubes at Tuesday Morning for a buck each and the glass jars of sequins at Hobby Lobby at half off for a buck each. Got all the beads  in front of the tray for 7 bucks at the thrift store. she saves up for me and had some goodies for me to go through and gave me a great deal !!

DSCN4774 DSCN4773 DSCN4762

made 3  batches of sugar cookies with all seven grand kids, and of course we had ninja gingerbread men, a princess castle and a Tardis along with other Dr Who items. I had tons of cookie cutters, just do not want to put pictures of kids without consent. We had a lot of cookies !!!



A good year, lots of beads bought and stuff made I could not put here but most of it was in earlier posts !!

I am looking forward to a great year, lots of time with family and friends, finished kitchen, finished studio, fixing the picket around our house that looks very worn, and getting some weight off.

I plan to create a lot , just what I want to make !! I plan to have fun and make pretties with my seed beads and sequins.  I am always open to custom orders and still have projects to do with my friend that I am doing the dangles with. Not sure what the fate of my Etsy store is, but I am taking it day by day !!

I have a couple of projects to do with my cousin and friend , the Grace Kelly bracelet and some dangles for her dining room.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year and thank you so much for supporting me here. I love writing and sharing in this blog and it would not be fun if you were not reading it !!

Happy New Year 2016 !!!


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  1. Happy New Year Stephie! 🙂


  2. wow what an exciting year! Thanks for sharing!


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