Beading busyness !!

I am working on my big project with my friend / customer and in between our work I am doing what I love, making seed bead and sequin jewelry and ornaments !!

Some of what I have been up to lately !!

tree pendant, tree beaded and sequined ornament or pin, pin here, with earrings

DSCN4581 DSCN4587


bigger tree earrings are 25, plus shipping and pendant is 35  plus shipping


DSCN4600 DSCN4599


I made this pretty vintage style pin and earrings this week. I wanted to use colors that were interesting and unsual and looked old fashioned. The tree ornaments are 25, one side beaded, and the tree earrings, medium size like the turquoise ones,  are 15.00  plus shipping

I hand bead each side, and can do both for 38.00. I sew the two sides together, either plain  felt on  back or both sides  beaded with a seed bead trim. I stacked the red sequins, a large flower, round cupped and a silver lined red glass seed bead. The turquoise is one sequin each and a glass bead that matches it. Same with the white. Not happy with the bottom, will add a red stripe on the other side  and put closer so the felt does not show.

DSCN4558MA29966300-0004 DSCN4539MA29966300-0002 DSCN4538MA29966300-0003 DSCN4606


I wanted it to wear  for some Christmas events we were going to last night !! I got the earrings done just in the nick of time and got to wear the set as planned !!

I have my sequins and seed beads in all the colors I want to use on my table. I had stocked up on seed beads when they were 50 percent off so I have a ton when the smaller bags are empty !! Green glass silver lined  on top, top row, gold metallic lined glass , silver lined clear glass , red silver lined glass, second row, root beer brown glass silver lined, ceylon pearl, and another red glass silver lined.All my seed beads are glass and I have never seen any that were not glass actually !! ,

This is a drop in the bucket, I have 21 of the 20 compartment plastic boxes full of seed beads, many 25 years old from when I first started !!

I have two seed bead orders on their way as well right now !!!

DSCN4577 DSCN4573 DSCN4567 DSCN4568

I have felt cut out in the shapes I need, I have a ton more I have done and there are a few I will still do.



So, I have been busy making pretty things and plan to make some more. I pulled some old stuff out from many years ago. I want to make them in Christmas colors.

I designed these “firework” earrings twenty years ago and had them in several colors at one time, this is all I have now, I thought some in Christmas colors would be fun !! They will be 15 plus shipping



I love my little flower earrings and plan to make some with red flowers and accent beads instead of purple  !!they are smaller so 12 plus shipping


Some stain glass crosses are in my future as well, pretty colors and a tiny bit wider. We made this a while back but not with jewelry quality solder so I cannot wear it. It was just made with scraps we had. Not sure how much the crosses are until we make them and see the size and colors.

DSCN4623 DSCN4621 DSCN4622


So, I will post as I do more things.

I am making some Santa earrings for a friend that ordered them , and a pair for myself. This are fun to wear, not too big, but not too small !!





I plan to make some of the bigger ones I have not made in many years. This pair has  gotten so old they are hard to wear, they have loosened a bit after almost 20 years and roll in a bit. They are a great pattern however !!! I have not made them in a while as they are a lot bigger and more work, so I have to charge a good amount, 25 plus shipping costs , where the smaller above ones I charge 15 plus shipping costs as they are not near as big or complicated !!


they are much wider and longer than the above ones.



I also want to make more of the trees, small, medium and large, in the green, vintage turquoise and white or silver with blue !!

the others are pictured above, these are my tiny ones !! The tiny ones are only 10 plus shipping.


shipping is usually three bucks to cover the postage and my materials. I can combine and most of the time several items will stay the same price. Especially the seed bead earrings as they are so light weight. I might be able to send a pair of seed bead earrings in an envelope, but have not tried it yet, if so, that would be much more cost effective for my customers. Under a buck.

Thanks for stopping by !!!


8 responses to “Beading busyness !!”

  1. you have been busy! I just adore the trees! So lovely! What quality work and so unique! I also love the Santas! So nice!


  2. Thanks so much !! That means more than you know, I appreciate the kind words so much !!!!


  3. They are all so adorable. Wonderful work!


  4. Thank you so much for the kind words !! I just enjoy working with the seed beads and sequins so much !!


    1. I love sequins too. I have a large collection of new and vintage that I use in my bead embroidery. Just love your designs.


  5. Thank you so much !! I am happy to know another sequin lover !! I just love them and I have some vintage too, I am slowly building that part of my collection but my new ones, I am out of control. Good thing it is a fairly cheap material, I have hundreds of packages from Cartwrights and other places I have found them online !!
    I think your work is absolutely beautiful and amazing !! I hope someday to be able to make pieces like yours !!


  6. You’re such a talented soul, I can’t wait to see what marvel you would bring to the new year! The Christmas trees were lovely, you’re just a star!
    May the new year bring you much success and health!
    Much love to you Stephie. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Seyi, your words mean more than you can possibly know !!
      As I said on your blog , loved your inspiring post, I will do my best to dazzle you as I challenge myself this new year !! I really do want to stand here this time next year and be really pleased with what I have accomplished in !!

      Liked by 1 person

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