Anniversary, birthday party, new place to sell and working in my studio

I am very excited to be about to take a new step. One that is much overdue. I found a lovely store to put my creations in , here in our downtown area. My hubby and I were shopping in our downtown where we have numerous , wonderful antique stores, and we found a new one that is perfect for my items.

I will post more on the store, and where it is, once I sign the lease and have my curio cabinet all tied up. I cannot wait to share it with you !!

For now, I am figuring out what to put in my case and how to display it and figured I would put a few wine glasses on each shelf. I believe I have four shelves, so that gives me plenty of space to put at least three to four wine glasses per shelf. I have a few more glasses and will still play with the charms and earrings to get them set up exactly where I want them, but this is a first step, just getting a bunch on the glasses to see how I like that look !!

DSCN4380 DSCN4384 DSCN4388 DSCN4391 DSCN4389 DSCN4394 DSCN4395 DSCN4381


I am also working on the next project with my friend/ customer, we are doing another steampunk tassel and I love it !! We are in the designing stage and I do some mock ups, take pictures to email her, she lets me know what she wants me to change, I do changes and we do that until it is perfect. Sometimes it is the first time, sometimes it takes us a few tries, but it is always fun !!  The watch is a go, she liked the way it looked. Now we are pinning down the first dangle for this set, so these are the two contenders, but we are still tweaking them both before she decides !! Once the first one is set, the others seem to fall into place pretty quickly, but sometimes we get hung up, and sometimes it just flows !!

DSCN4403 DSCN4406

here you can see the top of the stunning steam punk pendant on the bottom.



So, that is my Sunday. Yesterday was our 34th wedding anniversary, but we celebrated on Friday because he had to work a very long day yesterday, so we spent a few hours at the new shops, meeting wonderful people and had dinner in a new amazing cafe we discovered !!

WEealso had our youngest grandaughters birthday party, her mom, our youngest daughter, made an amazing cake and did some fun decorating,  all hand decorated with home made frosting, butter, milk, sugar and cream cheese, oh my gosh, so good !!


this is the only shot I got while she worked, she said it was distracting , so I stopped !!


here it is cut , it was a fun surprise for everyone there, they did not expect the vibrant colors in the middle !!


you can see the candle matched too !!





the kitchen while it was in progress, we are in the middle of a kitchen reno, so no cabinets on this side of the room yet, which made this challenging, but we just got the new stove hooked up last week, that made all the difference !!


this one was across the room, no space on the other side !!



fun scraps after she trimmed it !!

They were yummy too !!!



She did not stop there, she made colorful cupcakes too !!



they were decorated pretty too !! Mommy went all out for this cake, but now she set the bar high, the next birthday is next month, for the oldest one, she wants a fancy cake now too !!


our old porch looked mighty festive !!!



the box for our new stove, that baked that cake, and those cupcakes, was even made into a fort and decorated and was a popular attraction at the party.



It was a fun day. birthday girl marching to the pinata .  All the kids got a wack at it !!



So, that has been our weekend here, anniversary, birthday party, and some fun work in the studio !!

I hope you are all having a great weekend, thanks for stopping by !!


9 responses to “Anniversary, birthday party, new place to sell and working in my studio”

  1. those sweets are amazing! what fabulous decorating she does – I guess she got her eye for design from you 😉


  2. That is nice of you to say, but I have never decorated a cake like that !!! She is so creative, all our kids are very creative and our oldest son made a similar cake for one of his kids a few years ago, but I never got to see it !! I bake wall, lots of cookies, brownies, date bars and so on, and I make cakes, but I have never tried to do anything that complicated although she used all my wonderful decorating tips I got from my MIL, her grandma. I will have to give it a try and see what I can do, but I am not sure my brain works like hers, that cake was amazing !!
    We need to start working on your housewarming gift, some wine charms maybe ? Do you still have my email address, I am sure yours is in my contacts, I am just not sure which it is, but have not looked either, lol !! Would love to help you design something pretty !! Just let me know !! We had talked about waiting until you are settled, so just say the word and we will make you something fun !!


  3. Congratulations!!! This is SUCH exciting news! Your sales are going to fly through the roof! Happy Anniversary!


    1. thanks so much for the support !! I am very excited about this shop !! I am working hard in between working on the tassels on new things for the store, I will share some of it here , lots of new goodies !! I am working on earrings today but will work on other things tomorrow !!!
      Thanks for the anniversary wishes too, I cannot believe it has been 34 years but since our oldest son is 35, it makes it more believable !!!!! I cannot believe we have three kids over 30 and our baby boy was 26 earlier this month !!!
      I am excited about the new year and looking forward to doing well in the store !!


  4. Congratulations, happy anniversary!What a happy and lovely post! So many amazing things going on in your life! a gorgeous cake! The shop is so exciting! That is so wonderful! A million congrats!!


    1. Thanks so much !!! One year closer to that big 40, lol !!! Hard to belive we are over 30 years now by a few , but they have all been great years so no complaints !!
      I am pretty excited. Between working with my friend on her order, I have been making earrings and wine charms up. I am blessed to have so much inventory to work with, both made and parts that I will not have to buy a thing to keep that case fully loaded for a long time !!!
      She blew us all away with that cake, it was gorgeous and absolutely delicious !!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I am so excited I loved the pictures of the glasses and the charms, lovely work!! I wish I could come to your shop! The cake was amazing!!!


  5. Oh wow what a wonderful cake looks delicious! Shop news is so exciting congratulations can’t wait to hear more about that. And Happy Anniversary! 😊


  6. Thanks so much !! I will be posting pictures soon about the shop, just signed my cabinet lease today, which completely cracks me up !! I am literally leasing a curio cabinet !!


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