A project finished !!

My friend and I just finished another one of her amazing projects. We are doing some fun tassles or dangle sets for her bathroom. This is a big one for a door knob.

I had never thought to use beads for anything other than jewelry, or wine charms, key chains and other small acessories like that. She has opened my eyes to all the fun things you can do with beads. I plan to make some sets for my own house once we figure out colors and get the house back together.

Here is the set we just finished. It was done in a steam punk style. I love steam punk and have made several wine charms sets and necklace sets in that style.

She purchased and sent me some amazing pieces online and had them all sent directly to me. Some of them are just stunning !!

IMG_0059 IMG_0066

First we designed each dangle, one at a time. She picks out the key items she wants in each dangle and then gives me a pool of beads she prefers for it, I have over a hundred blue beads numbered and she gives me the numbers for each set. Then each dangle we discuss which beads to use and if she has a preference she will tell me the special beads she wants me to use for that dangle. I will suggest things, like the watch parts on this steampunk set, and then once I design three to five different dangles, she will look at the pictures and let me know if she loves one as it is, or if she needs me to change out a bead or charm. She lets me know what to put on the bottom and then she picks the connector for the top that we hang all the dangles on. Then once that dangle is done, we move on to the next one. We got this set done pretty quickly, we started Oct 29 and finished up on November 3rd.

Here are some pictures of some of the steps we took for the first dangle

DSCN4029MA29952408-0014 DSCN4040MA29952408-0013

Then she picked the pendant for the bottom and I did three choices for number two , she loved the one with the watch part used as a bead. She did have me change out one bead which you can see a couple of pictures down, the silver bead and speckled bead blended together too much, so we went with a pretty square bead, last one I had, and it looks great !!





dangle number three , she picked the dragonfly fused glass connector for the middle , she picked the smaller one with gold dragonfly


you can see the square bead under the metal paisley drop bead



then we did the last one !! t came together very fast and then I beaded the hoops with seed beads, we wanted to see if we liked plain cobalt blue, or dark brown and cobalt. We are still thinking about it and I am picking up some other browns we might like better. I only had a couple of browns to choose from !!



She picked the most amazing items for me to work with, I am having so much fun !!!



So, that is our first big project for the bathroom, we  had done a small one with a stained glass connector before we moved the studio.


So, hopefully in the next couple of days we will start on the next one, I cannot wait to see what she has planned for it, we have a tray of amazing things for her to chose from and then all my beads as well !! I know it will be amazing !!

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6 responses to “A project finished !!”

  1. I love it! You guys did a fabulous job! Everything looks beautiful together. Looking forward to seeing the next masterpiece!


  2. Thanks Krista !! It is so much fun making these dangles ! We did her bedroom in purples which was a blast , and now we are doing all these pretty blues !! I cannot wait to see what she decides to do next !! I put them together but use the items she chooses so it makes it fun for me as I have my palate to work with based on what she chooses from the stash she sent me and the beads I have !!


  3. Great work, love the colour combinations


  4. I love your dangle and the dragonfly theme! I think it must be very funny and inspiring to be working together with another fellow artist on a piece like this !


    1. I appreciate all the kind words !!She is a lot of fun to work with, very creative and has a lot of great ideas and it is my job to make them come to life !! We have fun and it is great to have made a friend through this process !!!


  5. Such lovely work! I love the colors and the combinations just beautiful! I wish I had some of this flair and talent!! wonderful


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